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Getty Images Lala Kent is planning to buy a new house.

Lala Kent hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Los Angeles, California, when she was younger. In her book, “Give Them Lala,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed that the first time she moved, things didn’t really go as planned. However, she gave it another shot when she turned 23, and she really hasn’t looked back since.

Kent did whatever she needed to do to get by when she first moved to California. Not only did she model, but she also landed a gig as a hostess at SUR. This led to her role on VPR, and the rest is pretty much history. Although Kent has traveled to Utah to visit her family before making it big, she has laid down some serious roots in Los Angeles — but could things be changing for her?

It seems as though Kent is ready to revisit her past, perhaps as a way to share her hometown with her daughter, Ocean.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Is Planning on ‘Getting a Place’ in Utah

During a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Kent was asked if she would “ever consider coming back” to Salt Lake City. Kent responded, making sure that fans knew that she wouldn’t be leaving Los Angeles — but also admitting that she plans on getting a place in Utah — maybe even in 2022.

“My life is in LA, but I am planning on getting a place in Utah soon,” Kent responded, adding a white heart emoji.

It’s unclear if Kent plans on buying a home or a condo, or if she will just rent a place, but it sounds like she has plans to return to Utah in some capacity in the not-so-distant future.

In 2020, Kent opened up to Bravo Insider about her childhood in Utah.

“Everyone knew their neighbors and talked to their neighbors. We would drive around the neighborhood and give out our Christmas gifts to each family. We walked to and from school. I didn’t appreciate it when I lived there, but now looking back I’m like, I couldn’t have picked a better place,” she told the outlet.

“I loved growing up there,” Kent said, adding, “I wish that I had a place like that to raise my future child.”

Kent Has Said That She Wants to Join ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

On the December 21, 2021, episode of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast, Kent opened up about joining a Housewives franchise — specifically one in her home state of Utah.

“I would love to do [Real Housewives of Salt Lake City]. Take me back to my roots. I like [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills]. But I just think the age is [an issue]. You have to think about, do you have things in common with these people? Just living in the same area is not like a [commonality],” Kent told podcaster Amanda Hirsch.

When the series was first announced, Kent was psyched. “I’m from Salt Lake City so this was like Christmas for me,” she told Page Six in 2019. “And I asked [Cohen], I was like, ‘What do you think about it?’ And he was like, ‘It’s going to be so good.’ And I’m not even shocked by that because people that were raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, are crazy. So it’s gonna make the best TV ever. Out of all these cities and they picked my hometown. I’m like, I told them, ‘Ladies, put on for my city. Please,’” she added.

Some fans have already picked up on some clues that Kent may be getting ready to trade in her SUR days for some time on a different franchise — officially — but not decision has been revealed just yet.

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Source: Heavy

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