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Is Jada Pinkett Smith pondering divorce? One report says she’s going to leave Will Smith unless he goes to therapy for slapping Chris Rock. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Jada Spanks Bad Boy Will!’

Per the National Enquirer, Jada feels humiliated over the Academy Awards and needs Will to attend therapy. A source explains, “Will’s temper has been an issue for years, as has his ego, which took a huge hit when Jada’s affair became public.” The Bad Boys star felt like Rock was emasculating him, hence the slap, the insider explains.

Will hasn’t gotten over the August Alsina affair, and now an insider says “Jada’s drawing a line: Get help—or we’re through.” A psychologist says Will’s unhinged behavior comes from his sense of entitlement and could be a sign of trauma. “A history of toxic or traumatic upbringings often lay the groundwork for how we view our relationships and ourselves as we enter adulthood,” the doctor says. “It may very well be that Rock’s remark triggered something in Will to respond how he did.”

Will Smith Worried About Divorce?

To back up its narrative of Will being a violent man, the Enquirer dug up an arrest report from 1989. That case was dismissed and Will maintains his innocence. This tabloid buries that information but still puts his mugshot front and center. This happened over 30 years ago. Let it go.

Both Will and Jada agree that divorce is not on the table. He got divorced once before in 1995 and called it “the worst thing in my adult life.” He later wrote on Facebook: “Jada and I are… NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jada’s echoed a similar sentiment: “We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life.”

Clearly, the Smiths would rather stay in a “bad marriage” than get divorced. Since it’s not an option, this story is totally false. Everything these doctors say with cruel speculation about childhood trauma needs to be disregarded because they have never treated Will.

Jada and Will could easily have split up while the Alsina incident was making headlines, but they didn’t. We’re a few weeks removed from the Academy Awards, and the two are still standing by one another. Since they’re determined to stay married, this story is false.

Other Gossip Potshots

Tabloids are working overtime to attack the couple following the slap. The Globe already announced the Smiths were getting a $400 million divorce. The Enquirer has missed the mark on Will for years now. Divorce rumors have stalked the Smiths for a long time, yet they’re still together.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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