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Is Jennifer Aniston struggling to get back onto the dating scene? One tabloid claims Aniston is becoming a social recluse. Here’s the latest gossip about Aniston’s love life.

‘Jilted’ Jennifer Aniston ‘Goes Underground’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Jennifer Aniston’s love life has dried up completely, and her social life is starting to suffer too. Alarms sounded for friends and fans when Aniston failed to show up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards in February, even though she was nominated for her work on The Morning Show. “She used to be so much fun and now she’s basically a recluse who thinks only about work,” an insider spills.

“Her friends hardly hear from her and all that talk about dating again has gone nowhere—and this has been the longest chunk of time she’s been single in her entire adult life!” And sources say Aniston did try to revamp her love life not long ago. The Cake star reportedly propositioned both ex-husband Brad Pitt and ex-boyfriend John Mayer sometime recently. But, apparently, her old flames rejected her back-to-back. “They both broke her heart and she had no desire to go out and feel that kind of pain again,” the tipster concludes.

‘Romance-Challenged’ Jennifer Aniston

This is an incredibly insulting story, and we aren’t buying a word of it. First of all, Jennifer Aniston isn’t neglecting her social life. Back in December, Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s about to be booked solid for the next two years, but she won’t be all work and no play. “I’ll schedule it so that I get breaks in between, and not just go back to back to back. You need that time to recharge and be with your friends and your family and your dogs,” said Aniston.

As for the SAG Awards, there’s a simple reason she wasn’t able to attend. For the past two months, she’s has been filming Murder Mystery 2. In February, she was in Hawaii for the movie, and as of late, Aniston has been staying in Paris to film. We’re sure it would have been difficult to get away from such a fast-paced project just to attend an awards ceremony.

And finally, it should go without saying that Aniston isn’t trying to reconnect with Brad Pitt or John Mayer. It’s next to impossible for a tabloid to write a story about Aniston without name-dropping one of her famous exes. This time the magazine went for two, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support the insulting rumor.

More Gossip From The Tabloid

This story is far from surprising considering the National Enquirer‘s past reporting on Jennifer Aniston. Last year, the outlet reported Aniston was feuding with Reese Witherspoon on the set of The Morning Show. Then the magazine claimed Aniston was still hung up on Brad Pitt. And the publication even alleged Aniston was penning a $10 million memoir. Obviously, the Enquirer can’t be trusted to report accurately on the Friends star.

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