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Is Jennifer Garner fuming at Ben Affleck over parenting matters? One tabloid claims the Alias actress isn’t a fan of how her ex-husband’s new romance with Jennifer Lopez is affecting their children. Here’s the latest on the blended family.

Ben Affleck ‘Caught Between’ Lopez And Garner?

This week, Life & Style reports Ben Affleck has landed in hot water with ex-wife Jennifer Garner after he and Jennifer Lopez purchased a $50 million mansion in Bel-Air. Apparently, Garner wants Affleck to set a better example for their children and not burn so much money on extravagance. “She wants her children to stay grounded (which is hard enough already given their parents’ careers), and this house is just too extravagant. Living in a place like that would send the completely wrong message,” an insider spills.

“They got into a heated argument, and Jen basically told him that $50M is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a property, even by Hollywood standards… She feels J.Lo is turning Ben into a greedy person. He was never this flashy before.” Apparently, Affleck relayed Garner’s message to Lopez, who, in turn, also became infuriated. “If J.Lo had it her way, she’d have it out with Jen and put her in her place. Period. But Ben has warned her to keep it cool for the sake of the kids,” the tipster remarks.

Jennifer Garner Fuming Over Affleck’s New Digs?

This story is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, we just aren’t buying that this tabloid would even have access to such private information. Fans should remember that Jennifer Garner once worked to pass California legislation banning paparazzi from taking photos of celebrities’ children in without the parents’ consent. For a mother so hell-bent on protecting the private lives of her children, we seriously doubt she’d let such intimate details about her family leak to the tabloids.

Furthermore, we already debunked a painfully similar story about Garner and Affleck from New Idea just last week. According to that tabloid’s version, Garner feared that her children would prefer Affleck’s new home to her own. But as we explained then, the actress has no reason to worry. Garner recently tore down her own multi-million dollar residence and rebuilt it to her exact specifications, which couldn’t have been cheap. But from the glimpses of the home Garner has given on her Instagram profile, it certainly paid off.

Overall, it’s just offensive to spread these kinds of rumors, especially where children are involved. We’re sure Garner just wants her family to be healthy and happy. And judging from recent photos of Affleck on outings with his daughters, it looks like all is well for the blended family.

The Magazine On Ben Affleck

We shouldn’t be surprised that Life & Style would get it so wrong about Ben Affleck’s personal life. Not too long ago, the tabloid was reporting that Affleck was trying to win Garner back. Then the magazine claimed Garner was warning Lopez about Affleck’s struggle with alcoholism and was convinced the pop star would lead him to relapse. And more recently, the publication alleged Garner was “disgusted” with Affleck following some comments he made about their marriage. Obviously, Life & Style loves to stir up drama for Affleck, regardless if it’s really there or not.

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