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Have dating app rumors sent Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez into troubled waters? One tabloid claims the newly-engaged couple had a rude awakening. Let’s check in on Bennifer 2.0.

‘Dating App Drama’ Risking J.Lo Engagement?

This week, In Touch reports the premiere of the latest season of Selling Sunset rocked the boat for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Emma Hernan, a star of the popular reality show, recently revealed that she matched with Ben Affleck on the dating app Raya. And now, Lopez is “feeling humiliated” by all of the drama. “Of course, Emma later clarified it all happened in 2019 before he reunited with J. Lo, but it’s still drama she’d rather not deal with… especially after all of the cheating rumors with Alex Rodriguez,” an insider reveals.

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Struggling?

Here’s the thing: No one wants the dirty laundry of their past dating life aired out for everyone to see. And considering that if this whole misunderstanding just now came to Lopez’s attention right in the middle of their post-engagement bliss, it probably wouldn’t enjoyable for Lopez. But we seriously doubt it had any kind of serious repercussions for Affleck and Lopez as a couple or that it came as a legitimate surprise.

According to Affleck, Hernan, and Raya—the dating app itself—the incident happened in 2019, years before his reunion with Lopez. No one was accusing anyone of being unfaithful. So, once again, while no one wants their relationship to be gossiped about, the magazine is blowing things way out of proportion. And if the outlet was really concerned with protecting Lopez’s pride, it wouldn’t needlessly bring up Rodriguez’s cheating scandal. It’s obvious that the outlet it just trying to squeeze every drop of drama out of this innocent misunderstanding, and we aren’t here for it.

The Outlet On Ben Affleck

Of course, we know better than to trust anything In Touch says about Ben Affleck. Last autumn, the outlet claimed Affleck looked “really thin and tired” and accused the actor of relapsing. Thankfully we saw through the offensive report and quickly dismissed it. But shortly after, the same tabloid claimed Jennifer Lopez was rushing to the altar with Affleck just to make sure Jennifer Garner didn’t steal all of the attention with her own engagement. This one was doubly wrong since we trust Lopez would never behave so irrationally, and Garner wasn’t even engaged.

And most recently, the publication alleged Garner and Affleck were at odds over his prenup with Lopez. While we couldn’t immediately disprove the outlet’s claims about anyone’s personal feelings, we seriously doubted it had access to such personal information about Affleck, Lopez, and Garner. Overall, In Touch consistently spreads false and misleading information about Ben Affleck just to sell magazines. So, we have absolutely no reason to trust its latest musings on the actor.

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