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A recent contestant on Jeopardy! might not have walked away the winner during his run on the popular and long-running trivia game show, but he left a big impression on fans watching at home with his Final Jeopardy answer. Sportscaster Mike Janela couldn’t think up the correct answer, so he instead gave his favorite baseball team a shout-out that fans cheered him for. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s Final Answer Strike Home For Mets Fans

A contestant on a recent episode of Jeopardy! didn’t win the game, but he won a ton of support after giving an incorrect answer to the Final Jeopardy question. Mike Janela of Astoria, a sportscaster who works closely with the Mets and previously won $150,000 on The $100,000 Pyramid hosted by Michael Strahan, took on his latest challenge via the fan-favorite trivia game show. 

When it came time for the three contestants to answer the Final Jeopardy question, Janela was unfortunately stumped. The correct answer to the clue “Patented in 1955, it did not go over well in the high-end fashion world but the then-new aerospace industry found it very useful,” was supposed to be “What is velcro?” 

A Clever Way To Lose With Grace

Janela was unsure so rather than give an actual answer or leave his answer blank, he wrote, “What is I’m going to lose but the Mets will win it all this year?” Hey, if you already know you’re going to lose, why not go out giving your favorite sports team a shout-out? Viewers at home seemed to agree, and the responses to Janela’s cheeky answer were glowing. 

Twitter Fans Certainly Approved

Janela had a lot of support from fans back home, something not every contestant can say. Jeopardy! fans are notorious for their criticisms of contestants, whether that’s when they underperform or when their voice is just a bit too loud for their liking. Happily, it would seem that Janela found himself in the fans’ good graces in addition to having a wonderful time on the show. 

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Janela Speaks About His Experience

Janela was such a good sport (pun intended) that we’d be happy to see him try his hand at the show again at some point in the future. He might not have been a champion this time around, but he’ll linger fondly in the hearts and minds of Jeopardy! fans for some time thanks to his good cheer in the face of certain loss. 

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