Jackie Warner said her ex Jillian Michaels used to spit on people, per Page Six. Warner claimed that when she dated the infamous “Biggest Loser” personal trainer in the ’90s, “We’d get thrown out of nice restaurants because she was screaming loud, cursing, and I couldn’t take it.” Warner, also a personal trainer, spilled the tea during a chat on the “Hot Takes & Deep Dives with Jess Rothschild” podcast. “I just was not the same. I mean, she used to spit on people,” Warner said. The former Bravo reality television star said she broke up with Michaels because she could not stand her behavior. “I couldn’t live with her. I couldn’t stand to hear her breathe in bed,” Warner explained. “I mean, it got so bad when she got on my nerves so much that I could not do day-to-day with her.”

In addition to the spitting, the 53-year-old former star of “Work Out” confessed the 7-year age difference between her and Michaels caused friction in the relationship. “The age difference and her making really bad decisions and quite frankly, her just not being a good girl, she just wasn’t a good girl,” Warner said. “And I did bad things, but I’ve always been a good girl.”

Michaels soon took to Instagram to refute her ex’s claims and call out Page Six’s “lies.” “I’m pretty sure if I had spit on many people in restaurants, or even one person for that matter, it would’ve already made your paper,” Michaels said. “I do believe you have a responsibility to tell the truth. You did not reach out to me. My rep did not not get back to you.”

Source: Nicki Swift

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