Joe Biden Leads America to #1 in Monkeypox Cases
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According to the CDC, Joe Biden’s America leads the world in monkeypox cases.

Finally, America is number one at something again.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

The U.S. has reported more than 3,400 confirmed or suspected monkeypox cases, federal data showed, becoming the country with the most known infections since the onset of the global health emergency.

The rise in cases comes as the U.S. expands testing capacity, broadening the ability to spot new infections, but also as the global outbreak continues to grow. Some public-health experts said rising transmission heightens the chances a broader population will face the risk of infections as the opportunity to slow and potentially stop the outbreak is fading.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is down with the coronavirus, himself a victim of another pandemic he pledged to stop and didn’t. So yes, even though Donald Trump handed Biden a vaccine, more Americans still died under the Biden administration.

How is it possible that we just went through the coronavirus pandemic, and the CDC and Joe Biden still bungled monkeypox? For example…

“Meanwhile, testing capacity, another bottleneck, has improved.”

A testing bottleneck? Have we learned anything over the past two years about avoiding these bottlenecks? Even after two years of experience and trillions of dollars, the U.S. government is still incapable of ramping up testing with the flip of a switch?

Oh, and we still don’t have enough monkeypox vaccines.

We’re two months into the monkeypox pandemic, and adequate testing and vaccines are still not in place.

But here’s Joe Biden at a press conference back in May assuring everyone he’s got this, nothing to worry about, carry on…

QUESTION:  Thank you so much. I have a question for the Prime Minister, but first to you, Mr. President: We’re already dealing with one global pandemic, and you said yesterday that monkeypox is something that everyone should be concerned about. There are a few confirmed cases in the U.S., and some countries are imposing 21-day quarantines for people who are infected or even, in some cases, just exposed. Should Americans expect something similar?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: No, I don’t think so. Look, we’ve had this monkeypox in the larger numbers in the past, number one. Number two, we have vaccines to care for it — to take care of it. Number three, there is — thus far, there doesn’t seem to be a need for any kind of extra — extra efforts beyond what’s going on. And so, I just don’t think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with COVID-19 or — and the smallpox vaccine works for it. So — but I think people should be careful.

QUESTION: Do you think that the U.S. has enough smallpox vaccine stockpiled?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I think we do have enough to deal with the likelihood of the problem.

The American government is useless. If our public health institutions should be prepared for only one thing, it should be a pandemic. But here we go again, making the same mistakes.

But of course, the only thing the government is not repeating pertains to this:

The outbreak has largely been recorded among men who have sex with men, as the virus exploits social networks among people in close contact. This is already a concern, but spreading more broadly means the potential added challenge of trying to educate and protect a broader population, health experts said.

The government knows that a very specific behavior spreads monkeypox but is not attempting to discourage or shame that behavior. This, of course, is the exact opposite of what we saw with the coronavirus when pretty much everything that qualified as normal human behavior was shamed as an act of mass murder: church, hugs, visits, going to the beach, attending school… And the coronavirus was a viral infection. Something spread mostly through the air. What’s more, from what we saw in the few states that did not restrict behavior, the restriction of behavior made no difference in stopping the China Flu spread.

But monkeypox actually does appear to spread primarily through a specific act— gay sex, which is why the outbreak has — at least so far — been almost entirely seen among gay and bisexual men.

But no one’s telling them to knock it off.

Your kids couldn’t go to school. Your family wasn’t allowed in church. But gay sex is a-okay!

Don’t worry, America. Help is on the way… The White House is about to name a “monkeypox coordinator,” so that should solve everything.

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