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Are John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on thin ice? Rumor has it, the stress of the last year has left their marriage hanging by a thread. Let’s check in on the couple.

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Ditching Hollywood?

Last summer, we confronted a story from the National Enquirer claiming John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were dangerously close to divorce. So, their solution was apparently to sell their California properties and flee Hollywood to save their marriage. Teigen had recently come under fire after model Courtney Stodden revealed the cyberbullying she had endured from Teigen a decade prior. And sources insisted that Teigen and Legend couldn’t handle the heat. “Everywhere they go it feels like people are holding their noses in disgust,” an insider dished.

We were immediately skeptical of this story. After a bit of digging, we found out that Teigen and Legend did indeed leave Hollywood…for a luxurious Italian vacation. Then the couple was right back in California, making it clear that they have no plans to leave Tinseltown. While Teigen’s scandal couldn’t have been a walk in the park for her and Legend, this tabloid’s story just wasn’t adding up.

Chrissy Teigen Bullying John Legend?

Then Life & Style reported that Teigen doesn’t just bully people online; she had apparently been berating Legend at home for years. According to the tabloid’s sources, Teigen was constantly making him the butt of her jokes, incessantly calling him a dork and a nerd. “While John’s the nicest guy and usually just puts up with it, it’s definitely led to some fights,” a tipster confessed.

But after looking into the tabloid’s claims, we found that it had crudely twisted Teigen and Legend’s relationship. While Teigen is certainly known to crack a joke here and there and her husband certainly isn’t off-limits, it has never gone further than some light ribbing. Surely, there isn’t a couple out there that hasn’t teased each other on occasion. Overall, we found absolutely no evidence to support this magazine’s insulting story.

John Legend Served Divorce Ultimatum?

Finally, the Enquirer reported that Teigen’s latest social media stunt was the last straw for Legend. After Teigen threw a party that was themed around the popular TV show Squid Game, she certainly got some backlash. “The show is about people so desperate and destitute they’d put their lives on the line for enough money to survive,” an insider criticized, pointing out that Teigen and her wealthy friends missed the point of the show. “John cares deeply about Chrissy, but he can’t figure out why she continues to put him on the firing line,” the tipster concluded.

But the magazine seemed to brush right over the part where Legend helped pay for, plan, and orchestrate the party. It wasn’t just Teigen’s party—they hosted it as a couple. While it’s easy to just blame Teigen for the event because she’s the one that shared it on social media, Legend is just as much to blame. Overall, we doubted that Legend would bring up divorce because of a party he genuinely enjoyed. And since Legend has definitely stayed by Teigen’s side through much worse, we weren’t buying this magazine’s inflammatory story.

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