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Is Johnny Depp warning Lily-Rose Depp to steer clear of a certain actor? One tabloid claims Depp isn’t a fan of his daughter’s new co-star. Let’s check in on the Depp family.

Johnny Depp Says ‘Stay Away’ From Co-Star?

This week, Star reports Johnny Depp wasn’t thrilled to hear his daughter, Lily-Rose, would be starring alongside The Weeknd in an upcoming HBO drama titled The Idol. The singer is both executive-producing and starring in the series, and Lily-Rose is set to star as his love interest. But sources say Johnny is well aware of The Weekend’s reputation with women in Hollywood, and he doesn’t want him getting too cozy with his daughter.

“Johnny is very wary of his daughter getting involved with The Weeknd,” an insider dishes. “He can see ‘player’ written all over this guy and has warned Lily-Rose not to fall for him.” The magazine reminds readers that The Weekend has dated the likes of Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and even Angelina Jolie. “Lily-Rose told Johnny not to worry, but he can’t help it,” the tipster concludes.

Johnny Depp ‘Wary’ Of The Weeknd?

After looking into the tabloid’s claims, we are hesitant to take this report seriously. First of all, it doesn’t seem like Johnny Depp has ever concerned himself with Lily-Rose’s dating life in the past. The model has dated the likes of Timothee Chalamet and Austin Butler, and, from what we can tell, Johnny never made a fuss. So, it’s unlikely that The Weeknd is even on the actor’s radar.

But this story is even harder to believe when you realize that Lily-Rose is not on the market. The model has been dating French rapper Yassine Stein since October 2021. We’re sure Lily-Rose’s current boyfriend also doesn’t want her to date The Weeknd.

And finally, we just aren’t convinced that Lily-Rose’s dating life is a top priority for Johnny Depp right now. The actor is currently embroiled in a landmark defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, and they’re set to go to court this very month. It’s odd to suggest Depp is expending his energy telling his daughter who not to date when there are far bigger matters at hand.

The Tabloids On Johnny Depp

This is just another strange article to add to the pile of tabloid gossip about Johnny Depp. Last year, the Globe claimed Johnny was demanding a $50 million contract from Disney to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Then the National Enquirer alleged Johnny was on a “downward spiral” after injuring his hand.

The Globe also claimed Johnny was turning into a “stinky slob” amid his legal troubles. And the very same tabloid even reported Johnny was “crushing on” Angelina Jolie. Obviously, there’s little burden of proof for magazines when it comes to Johnny Depp.

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