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The View celebrated Thanksgiving a day early, taking to the table to enjoy some delicious treats and discuss some holiday-related hot topics. As the ladies went around the table discussing what issues you should and shouldn’t hit the Thanksgiving dinner conversation, Joy Behar had some zany advice for viewers around the nation: just come out. Yes, while the other ladies recommended broaching topics like politics this year, Behar seemed to challenge every American to come out of the closet this Thanksgiving. This statement, of course, confused the living daylights out of her fellow co-hosts.

Behar began her rant suggesting that everyone should attempt to tackle hard political topics at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year, agreeing with the co-hosts who spoke before her.

“I like to talk politics at the dinner table, I do. I’m interested in the subject. They always say, ‘Don’t talk politics or religion.’ What’s more important than those? Those are interesting topics,” Behar said. “What are you going to do, ask grandma if she’s still ovulating? You need to come up with something!”

Behar’s out-of-the-blue comment spurred some laughter from the audience, as well as an especially surprised look from Whoopi Goldberg.

“I would like to suggest that everybody out there come out to your family this Thanksgiving,” Behar said, adding a simple: “Just come out. See what happens.”

While the co-host earned a nod of approval from Sunny Hostin, the other two co-hosts at the table were left confused. Was Behar suggesting that everybody come out? And did she mean out of the closet, or out of somewhere else?

“I’m sorry,” Goldberg responded. “I’m just curious. Come out the door? Come out — what do you mean?”

“Come out gay,” Behar said, as if what she had said was as clear as day. “If you’re gay, come out.”

Sara Haines was visibly still confused. “I can’t follow this conversation,” she said, chucking at the insanity.

Behar continued to spiral out of control, attempting to amend her statement by drawing upon her own personal experiences at the Thanksgiving table.

“Be yourself. You know what, I’m old enough now to know that life is short, because it went by like that,” Behar said with a snap. “It’s not over yet, so that’s why I can still keep yakking. I say that you should be yourself. This is my philosophy in life. I’m here 25 years, I’m always the same: annoying as I am.”

“You’re only 25?” Goldberg joked.

“My whole thing is you come out and be yourself,” Behar concluded. “Don’t let anybody tell you what you have to be in this life.”

The View airs weekdays on ABC at 11/10c.

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Source: NYPOST

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