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Kate Hudson has been all over the news lately. From rumors of a fourth baby with Danny Fujikawa to shady tabloids saying she was “dumped while pregnant” which has been proven to be false, her name has been in the zeitgeist. But she seems genuinely level-headed for a superstar and knows how to make the talk swing back to her and not focus on the rumors. One very effective way to do this is to pretend to host a mock martini party and share the glamorous pics on Instagram. So what is an ‘underboob martini party’, you may be asking? Pretty sure she is just having fun with the public and her public image.

Faux Party

The reality of the situation is that Hudson was standing in her kitchen, looking ravishing whilst doing a bit of afternoon drinking. Someone took a snap, she looked at it, and captioned the photo with something that would get some traction. And here we are, so her plan was clearly flawless.

Joking or not, It is a win-win scenario for all involved. Plus, the pic itself is definitely turning some heads, as Hudson does look stunning.

The Next Party Trend?

First and foremost, we need to do the obvious. We need to point out just how decadent and classy Hudson looks in this pic she posted. Wearing a tan, form-fitting dress with a slim, revealing top, she is posed to look almost statuesque, and she is honestly working it. She also dialed back the underboob aspect more than most would assume. It is sexy whilst not being too risque.

The funniest part, though, is that some of the comments on the post seem to think this was a real thing she was doing. As confident as Hudson was when naming the party, it left some followers a bit confused. People sometimes forget that celebrities can troll, too.

But all joking aside, the idea is fairly solid. The world has been serious and been locked away enough. As long as they are having fun and not hurting anyone, let people pretend to host parties with their underboobs out. It’s 2021, people.

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