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Did Kate Middleton confront Rose Hanbury over her alleged affair with Prince William? One tabloid claims Middleton finally decided to get to the bottom of her husband’s rumored infidelity. Let’s take a look at Middleton and Hanbury’s “showdown.”

Kate Middleton ‘Demanding The Truth’?

This week’s edition of In Touch reports Kate Middleton and Prince William are once again at a crossroads now that rumors of the duke’s infidelity are resurfacing. Back in 2019, there were whispers that William was carrying on an affair with Rose Hanbury, a British socialite that had long been a friend of Middleton’s. And apparently, Middleton confronted Hanbury about it back then. “It was very emotional,” an insider spills. “Rose denied it, and Kate ultimately decided to move past the scandal.” But back in December, Hanbury and William’s rumored affair was back in the headlines, and some even suggested that it was still ongoing.

“[William’s] denied having an affair with Rose,” the tipster reveals. “Kate wants to believe him, but the rumors just won’t die out, so she’s going to pay Rose another visit.” But even though Middleton is on a mission to get answers, she isn’t losing her cool. “She can’t become hysterical when she confronts Rose again,” the snitch whispers. “Kate will be firm and demand answers, but she won’t lose it. She may not like what she hears, but she knows she has to keep calm and carry on, no matter what.”

What’s Going On With William And Kate?

This report is total rubbish, and we can explain why. To understand how ridiculous this story is, we have to go back to 2019. Early that year, it looked like there was a growing distance between the formerly close Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury. Since their falling out was a complete mystery to the public, royal gossipers jumped to the most extreme scenario: Middleton and Hanbury must have been fighting about Prince William. The story got blown way out of proportion until many outlets were reporting on it as fact.

But the issue is that there was never any evidence to suggest there was ever an affair. Middleton and Hanbury seemingly lost touch, and William warned the British press about the destructive nature of this kind of gossip, but that was it. Very few credible outlets ever touched the story, and it seemed to die out on its own. Then, the rumor saw a small resurgence at the tail end of 2021 when a reporter took to Twitter to accuse William of silencing the British press. But without any new information, the story died once again. And now, the rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury is only ever brought up in sleazy tabloid reports like this one.

So, no, we aren’t buying this story of a “showdown” between Middleton and Hanbury. In fact, we doubt the subject is weighing on either of the Cambridges very heavily since it was never much of a story to begin with.

The Tabloid On The Cambridges

Of course, we know better than to trust anything In Touch says about Prince William and Kate Middleton. Back in 2020, the publication alleged the Cambridges planned to “defy lockdown” to spend Christmas with the queen. Then, in early 2021, the outlet claimed Middleton was pregnant with twins. And the magazine even reported Kate Middleton was worried that Prince William had a drinking problem. Obviously, In Touch isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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