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Are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman fighting over another man? One report says the country singer is upset over how close Kidman is to a co-star. Gossip Cop investigates.

Nicole Kidman In ‘Love Triangle!’

According to Star, Kidman is a little too happy to be around Alexander Skarsgard. The two teamed up once more for The Northman, one of many collaborations in recent years. Urban, according to an insider, wishes that they would stop working together at all. Skarsgard, however, recently said of Kidman, “I can’t imagine a better partner.”

Sources say Urban is fed up watching his wife cozy up to another man. “Keith is Nicole’s biggest supporter and he knows she adores Alexander, but he’s tired of it,” the snitch says. Skarsgard has publicly floated the idea of a nice romantic comedy for himself and Kidman, but Urban apparently can’t bear it. “He’s sick of seeing them get hot and heavy—even if it is only acting.”

What’s Going On With Kidman And Urban?

Star is eager to quote Alexander Skarsgard, but it’s not so keen on giving context for his comments. The Zoolander star spoke to the Herald Sun and did gush about Kidman, but the rest of the interview proves he was strictly professional. He mentioned a romantic comedy because of the serious nature of The Northman.

“It’s another very dark, twisted, dysfunctional relationship. But that’s kind of where you wanna go with someone like Nicole because she’s so tremendous to work with,” he said of their latest project. The rest of that partner comment proves there’s nothing romantic going on: “Nicole is an incredible partner because she is so generous and so open and it makes it easier as an actor when you have a partner like that.”

He is specifically venerating her as a peer and an actress. Gossip Cop has seen this exact rumor about Keith Urban’s anger pop up before, but there’s nothing to it. Urban can understand the difference between fiction and reality. While Skarsgard may be single, he doesn’t seem to view Kidman in any romantic terms. This rumor is false.

Other Urban Rumors

Earlier this year, it was Keith Urban ruining the marriage. Star claimed his marriage could end over Urban’s touring schedule. Part of being an international superstar is a full schedule, so it’s unlikely Nicole Kidman took any exception. It also bogusly announced Kidman was setting up Charlize Theron with a nameless Nashville resident. Nothing ever came of this, and it was never mentioned again.

Yet another Star story claimed Urban was joining the cast of Big Little Lies. While Skarsgard was on the show, Urban was not. He’s not an actor, so that didn’t make any sense. Tabloids absolutely love making Urban out to be paranoid and jealous over every man Nicole Kidman dares to work with. The two are doing just fine in spite of all the chatter.

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