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Is Kelly Clarkson struggling to keep it together? One tabloid claims the former American Idol champ is crumbling under the pressure of her demanding job and contentious divorce. Let’s check in on Clarkson.

‘Frayed’ Kelly Clarkson ‘In Crisis’?

This week, the Globe reports Kelly Clarkson is hanging on by a thread. It’s no secret that Clarkson is one of the busiest women in Hollywood, and sources say it’s starting to take its toll on her mental health. And as Clarkson nears her 40th birthday, the sources explain, things have never been worse for the singer. “She’s in no mood to celebrate,” an insider dishes.

“She’s hit rock bottom because she blames herself for all these problems, which is ridiculous. People try telling her that, but she doesn’t believe them. She can’t sleep, she cries a lot and feels alone.” And as Clarkson legally changes her name to Kelly Brianne, her friends are reportedly urging her to reconsider. “A lot of people think it’s a mistake for Kelly to change her name because of the hassle it will cause for everyone on her show and on The Voice,” the snitch whispers. “But she doesn’t like herself too much these days.”

And tipsters warn that Clarkson could be making things worse with her tendency to wallow. “She’s been in therapy but it doesn’t seem to be working,” the source confesses. “She doesn’t just want a new name, she wants a new life! But she’s kidding herself if she thinks that alone will change anything. It’s her attitude she needs to change.”

Is Kelly Clarkson Okay?

We aren’t buying this insulting story for one second. First of all, even if Kelly Clarkson was struggling as bad as the magazine claims, what kind of friend would gossip about it to a random tabloid? The answer is no true friend. So, obviously, this information isn’t coming from anywhere close to Kelly Clarkson.

Furthermore, Clarkson hasn’t given us any reason to doubt how well she’s doing. She is one of the most successful musicians of this era, and she’s managed to turn that success into a TV empire as well. She doesn’t have to work as much as she does. But it’s clear that Clarkson loves her career, and she’s passionate about her work. And as difficult as the past year has been for Clarkson personally, she’s managed to weather it all with grace. Her divorce is effectively wrapped, and the singer seems like she’s moving forward with her life.

It’s clear that instead of celebrating Clarkson’s perseverance, this tabloid decided to publish an insulting story about her ahead of her 40th birthday. But, as far as we’re concerned, Clarkson is proving to everyone just how strong she is.

The Tabloid On Clarkson’s Life

While this story is shockingly nasty, we would expect nothing less from the Globe. Last year, the magazine published a painfully similar story insisting Clarkson was struggling more than ever amid her divorce battle. Then the publication alleged Clarkson was losing friends because of her “nasty habits.” And more recently, the outlet reported Clarkson was raging because her ex-husband kept storing things in her home. Clearly, the Globe isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Kelly Clarkson.

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