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THE confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has entered its second day on Tuesday.

As Ketanji Brown Jackson gave her opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, her husband and daughter could be seen sitting behind her during the proceedings.

Her husband Dr Patrick Jackson was visibly emotional and tearing up as his wife thanked God and her family for their support in her remarks.

“During this hearing, I hope that you will see how much I love our country and the Constitution and the rights that make us free,” Judge Jackson said to the committee.

Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden, and would be the first black woman on the Supreme Court if confirmed.

But some Republican representatives have already called some of her past work into question, with Senator Josh Hawley claiming on Twitter, for example, that Jackson “has a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policymaker.”

But barring a significant misstep by the 51-year-old Jackson, a federal judge for the past nine years, Democrats who control the Senate by the slimmest of margins intend to wrap up her confirmation before Easter.

Jackson is now answering questions from the committee’s 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans, which is expected to continue Wednesday.

Last year, Jackson won Senate confirmation by a 53-44 vote, with three Republicans supporting her. It’s not clear how many Republicans might vote for her this time.

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  • Jackson says she judges impartially

    Jackson said on Tuesday that she conducts her work in a manner in which she can maintain neutrality and does not impose personal beliefs or policy preferences, a remark that comes amid Republican senators’ concerns about judicial activism.

    She said: “I have developed a methodology that I use in order to ensure that I am ruling impartially and that I am adhering to the limits on my judicial authority.

    “When I get a case, I ensure that I am proceeding from a position of neutrality.

    “I am not importing my personal views or policy preferences,” she added.

  • Republicans’ portrayal of Jackson

    Republicans have tried to paint Kentaji Brown Jackson as weak on crime by focusing on some of her previous defense work, and they have voiced concerns about her judicial philosophy, warning against activism and policy prescriptions from the bench.

    Jackson addressed and refuted such accusations during Tuesday’s hearing, emphasizing her concern for public safety and the rule of law.

    She said that she handles her profession objectively and that personal beliefs have no bearing on her decisions.

  • Hirono defends Jackson from GOP attacks

    Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, cited several federal judges selected by Republican presidents and approved by Republican senators who punished child pornographers below government standards, as they criticized Jackson of doing.

    Hirono also inquired about Jackson’s judgment in a disagreement between former White House counsel Don McGahn and the House Judiciary Committee over a subpoena for McGahn’s testimony during special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election intervention in 2016.

  • Jackson defends herself

    “My record demonstrates my partiality,” Jackson said, explaining what kind of judge she would be.

  • Tonight’s schedule for hearing

    Chairman Dick Durbin has reported the rest of the evening’s agenda, which will be rotated by members of each party.

    Durbin said that the process will likely finish by nine or 10 this evening.

    The schedule Durbin laid out is as follows:

    • A 20-minute break following Sen. Josh Hawley and Sen. Mazie Hirono
    • Then Sens. Tom Cotton and Cory Booker
    • A 30-minute break for dinner
    • Then Sens. John Kennedy, Alex Padilla, and Thom Tillis
  • Sen. Josh Hawley pushes Jackson, continued

    Following her responses, Hawley said: I am questioning your discretion and your judgment. … I’m not questioning you as a person. I’m not questioning your excellence as a judge. I’m questioning how you used your discretion in these cases.”

  • Sen. Josh Hawley pushes Jackson

    Sen. Josh Hawley, who criticized Judge Jackson’s sentence record for child porn offenders last week, questioned the candidate about a specific case in which an 18-year-old defendant was accused of possessing hundreds of photos of children being sexually assaulted.

    Among other questions, Hawley asked: “You say this does not signal a heinous or egregious child pornography offense. Help me understand that. What word would you use if it’s not heinous or egregious?”

    “It is heinous. It is egregious,” Jackson replied.

    “It’s not just about how much time a person spends in prison. It’s about understanding the harm of this behavior.”

    She also mentioned other restrictions that sex offenders must follow, such as registration requirements and computer prohibitions.

  • Jackson has not molded herself after another justice

    Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb, asked Jackson who she admires and with whom she agrees the most.

    Jackson answered by noting, “What I have is a record,” rather than a justice she’s modeled herself after.

    “I have 570-plus cases in which I have employed the methodology that I described and that shows people how I analyze cases. I, in every case, am proceeding neutrally.

    “Because of the way in which I do things, I am reluctant to establish or to adopt a particular label, because the idea of how you interpret is just one part of a judge’s entire responsibility.”

    “I am looking at the facts in a case, and my experience as a trial judge helps me to assess the facts.”

  • Blumenthal on Jackson, continued

    Sen. Blumenthal also said: “There are a lot of people who are book smart – there are not as many people who are person smart, and you are both. That kind of emotional intelligence is what our courts need.”

    In response, Jackson said: “I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity.

    “I stand on the shoulders of generations past who never had anything close to this opportunity, who were the first and the only in a lot of different fields.

    “My parents, as I said, were the first in their families to have the chance to go to college.

    “I’ve been the first and the only in certain aspects of my life, so I would say that I agree with you that this is a moment that all Americans should be proud.”

  • Blumental on Jackson

    Sen. Blumenthal told Jackson during her hearing: “As I look at your parents and your husband and your daughters, what I see is America. And the best of America. So I think we should all feel that excitement and pride in this moment.”

    “You will make the court look more like America, but also think more like America,” Blumenthal said.

    “You will provide a very important perspective – indeed, a unique perspective – that the court needs more than ever at this moment in its history.”

  • How many times has Jackson been confirmed?

    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the nominee for the Supreme Court, has already been confirmed by the Senate three times for previous jobs.

  • Florida to make history

    If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Judge Jackson will also make history by being the first Floridian to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court.

  • Why Judge Jackson writes long opinions

    “I want everybody to know exactly the arguments I’ve considered, the facts that I’ve reviewed, and in pretty fine detail, the course of my reasoning,” Judge Jackson said as to why she writes lengthy opinions.

  • Judge Jackson’s daughter’s encouraging note

    Judge Jackson’s daughter Leila’s seat has a note reading “YOU GOT THIS!”

  • Up next, Sen Richard Blumenthal

    “I think we should all feel this excitement and pride in this moment,” said Blumenthal.

    “You will make the court look more like America and also think more like America.”

    Sen Blumenthal asked the judge to talk to young women and girls about challenges she had to overcome and what’s helped her do it.

  • Sen Ben Sasse takes the floor

    Sen Ben Sasse asked Judge Jackson which Supreme Court Justice she feels closest to.

    “I don’t really have a justice that I have molded myself after or that I would,” she responded.

    The judge went on to say that what she does have is her record of more than 570 cases, and her methodology for those cases.

    “The idea of how you interpret is just one part of the entirety of a judge’s responsibility,” she said.

  • Harris: ‘impeccable character’

    Vice President Harris also voiced her support for the confirmation of Judge Jackson.

  • Biden: ‘She deserves to be confirmed’

    President Biden voiced his support of Judge Jackson being confirmed as the next Justice of the Supreme Court.

  • Sen Chris Coons challenges Sen Cruz’s questions

    Sen Coons asked Judge Jackson if in her nine years on the bench, she ever considered the 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory.

    The judge said she had not.

    He then asked what she does consider when looking at cases.

    Judge Jackson said when she’s looking at a case, she considers the arguments, the record, and the law.

    “Those are the only things that I use in my decision-making,” she said.

  • Judge Jackson fires back at Sen Cruz

    “Your chart does not include all of the factors that Congress has told judges to consider,” said Judge Jackson, in regard to her history of dealing with child pornography cases.

    “I take these cases vert seriously as a mother, as someone who as a judge has to review the actual evidence in these cases and based on Congress’ requirement, take into account not only the sentencing guidelines… but also things like the stories of the victims…”

    “Congress is the body that tells sentencing judges what they are supposed to look at.”

    Sen Cruz then asked her about the weight of the evidence.

    “Senator, the evidence in these cases is egregious… among the worst I have ever seen,” she responded.

    “Judges have to take into account the personal circumstances of the defendant.”

  • Sen Cruz asks about CRT books

    The senator asked Judge Jackson if she agrees with one of the book’s alleged ideas that babies are “racist”.

    “I do not believe any child should be made to feel they are racist or not valued… I don’t believe in any of that,” Judge Jackson responded.

    Cruz asked her if she is comfortable with these ideas being taught to children.

    “Senator I have not reviewed any of those books, or ideas, they do not come up in my work as a judge,” she responded .

  • Critical race theory

    “In your understanding, what does critical race theory mean?” Sen Ted Cruz asked.

    “Critical race theory is an academic theory about the ways in which race interacts with various institutions,” Judge Jackson responded.

    “It doesn’t come up in my work as a judge.. and it wouldn’t be something I would rely on on the Supreme Court.”

    Judge Jackson said she never studied critical race theory and has never used it in her work.

  • Sen Ted Cruz congratulates Judge Jackson

    “You and I have known each other a long time,” said Sen Cruz.

    “We went to the same law school.”

    The Senator congratulated Judge Jackson and is making remarks on how he had a constructive conversation with him in his office.

  • Sen Klobuchar asks questions next

    “Do you agree that the right to vote is fundamental?” asked Sen Klobuchar.

    “Senator, the Supreme Court has said that the right to vote is the basis of our democracy,” Judge Jackson responded.

    “It is a fundamental right in our democracy.”

  • Sen Mike Lee questioning Judge Jackson

    Before his turn questioning Judge Jackson, Sen Lee shared his thoughts on court packing.

Source: thesun

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