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Is Kim Kardashian going under the knife for Pete Davidson? One report says she’s getting plastic surgery in a desperate bid to keep the SNL star interested. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kim Gets New Toys For Pete!’

According to the Globe, Kardashian is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Davidson interested in her. Her latest solution, apparently, is a boob job. A source says, “It was just a minor life to stop any sagging plus the transferring of fats from other parts of her body to make her bust appear enhanced but still quite natural.”

With all the drama involving Kanye West, they explain, Kardashian wants to make Davidson as happy as possible. While Kardashian is feeling more confident, a source says, “She’s also feeling the pressure to keep up with Pete, whose libido is like nothing she’s ever encountered.” 

The two spend nearly all their time making love, so she wanted to get a boost, the snitch adds, claiming she also wants to pop without the need of a bra. One cosmetic surgeon concludes, “She definitely does appear to have had breast implants at some point and possibly a lift.”

What’s Going On With Kim Kardashian?

This story describes Kim Kardashian as a cougar who’s desperately trying to keep up with Davidson’s libido. She’s been a sex symbol for decades, so it’s hard to believe she’d change her body for the sake of her new boyfriend. It’s just an ageist story attacking Kardashian because she’s in her forties.

The cosmetic surgeon in this story should not be believed either. For one thing, they don’t say when the breast implants went in, and they’ve never worked with Kardashian. It’s essentially someone just speculating about another person’s surgical history based on one photograph.

That being said, fans of Kardashian are speculating that she may have gotten a breast augmentation recently, but there’s been no confirmation. Even if she did, there’s no sign that she did so solely to keep Davidson interested. The love birds appear to have no issues regarding intimacy. This whole narrative is insulting, unbelievable, and simply gross.

Other Baseless Attacks

This outlet claimed West thought Kardashian didn’t have the guts to get divorced, but she obviously does. He’s said a lot about her romance with Davidson but never called her gutless. It also announced Kardashian was feuding with Kourtney Kardashian. The two promote each other constantly and are in business together, so that was false.

This outlet recently reported West was asking Marilyn Manson to use voodoo to bring Kardashian back. West is a devout Christian and Manson has never been into Voodoo. It was a preposterous narrative. This outlet just can’t keep up.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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