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(NOTE: I read The New York Times Opinion section so that others don’t have to. While I could write something every day that mocks the lunacy there, I decided to just highlight a few of them once a week. I’ll also offer one from The Washington Post so they don’t feel left out. I provide the actual headline from the op-ed and go from there. Enjoy.)

Started the week off with both plumbing (seemingly resolved) and technical (ongoing) difficulties, but the show must go on.

This week’s recap is chock-full of “You’ve got to be kidding me,” so we’d better get to it.

1. America Has a Free Speech Problem

Ya think?!?!?

This offering laughingly comes from the Times‘s Editorial Board, which I am often convinced is made up entirely of ancient hippies who have been getting stoned for so long that they’ve forgotten their names.

A perfect example:

How has this happened? In large part, it’s because the political left and the right are caught in a destructive loop of condemnation and recrimination around cancel culture. Many on the left refuse to acknowledge that cancel culture exists at all, believing that those who complain about it are offering cover for bigots to peddle hate speech. Many on the right, for all their braying about cancel culture, have embraced an even more extreme version of censoriousness as a bulwark against a rapidly changing society, with laws that would ban books, stifle teachers and discourage open discussion in classrooms.

The bit about the left’s obtuseness about cancel culture is a shock given the source. The stuff about what the right wants is, as they used to say long ago, poppycock.

I’ve always wanted to use that word in a column.

The New York Times is a key player in a concerted effort to shut down conservative voices. Pretending that it’s a problem that both sides are equal participants in doesn’t pass the smell test or the IQ-above-40 test.

2. How Not to Have a Putin Recession

Hey! Look who’s back!

It’s not too difficult to believe that Paul Krugman’s day always begins with a trip to the bathroom, professing his undying love for a terrified hamster, and an email from the Democratic National Committee that tells him exactly what to say and write about.

Krugman hates all Republicans because that’s what his DNC masters have ordered him to do. Just read the beginning of this screed. Getting the word “Putin” into the headline was no doubt a direct order from DNC HQ.

And, like a good little trained circus monkey, Paulie boy danced for them.

3. Who’s Unhappy With Schools? The Answer Surprised Me.

The author has polls! Polls that say a majority of parents are satisfied with the education their kids are receiving.

We also have election results, which the author downplays:

It should also make us a bit more reflective about election results that are framed as a result of displeasure with schools. TargetSmart, which bills itself as a Democratic political data and data services firm, analyzed records showing who voted in Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial election, which has been touted as a win for the Republican, Glenn Youngkin, that was based on unhappiness over the way the previously Democratic-led state handled the pandemic in schools.

This Democratic firm decided that it wasn’t really about any of the above.

Keep telling yourselves that, Dems.

See you in November.

PostScript: The Trump administration got exactly what it wanted from the 2020 Census

In case you were wondering, yes, the left media hacks have an inexhaustible supply of negative things to write about Trump that really don’t mean anything.

Just like when he was in office.

After going on and on about Trump and racism (no, really!), the Post‘s Editorial Board offers this:

Census Bureau Director Robert Santos, while acknowledging shortcomings in the 2020 data, insisted this week that the count is “fit for many uses and decision-making” and a “vivid portrait of our nation’s population.”

Santos was nominated by Biden and is of Mexican American heritage. It doesn’t really seem like he’s sounding any alarm bells there.

The Post‘s Editorial Board, however, has been getting baked for just as long as its counterparts at The New York Times.

See you next week!

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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