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Did Lady Gaga have an emotional moment with Bradley Cooper at an awards show? One tabloid claims there are a lot of unresolved feelings between the A Star is Born co-stars. Here’s what we know about Cooper and Gaga’s reunion.

Lady Gaga ‘Breaks Down’ Over Bradley Cooper?

This week, In Touch reports Lady Gaga still has feelings for her A Star is Born collaborator, Bradley Cooper. After a touching reunion at the 2022 SAG Awards, Gaga couldn’t help but shed a few tears when she thought no one was looking. And in apparently exclusive photos obtained by the tabloid, Gaga is an emotional wreck. “She started crying uncontrollably,” an insider dishes. “It’s as if Bradley said something mean to her before saying goodbye.” The magazine admits that a “source close to Gaga” maintains that she wasn’t crying over Cooper, but the other insider continues.

“It was definitely awkward between them. They haven’t spoken to each other in months. They went from being so close to having no contact at all, mainly because she’s one of the reasons Irina [Shayk] broke up with Bradley. She was jealous of his relationship with Gaga. So Bradley took a step back, and it hurt Gaga.” Sources say Gaga was holding out hope that she and Cooper would start dating once he ended things with Shayk. “But it never happened. Gaga hasn’t gotten over it, so when she saw him at the SAG awards, she couldn’t hold her emotions in anymore.”

Lady Gaga Holding A Candle For Bradley Cooper?

There is a lot to unpack here. First of all, while we can’t say for certain what triggered the waterworks for Lady Gaga, we aren’t buying the tabloid’s timeline. Looking at the many other more credible outlets that covered the SAG Awards show Gaga was crying after meeting up with Helen Mirren, not Bradley Cooper. But even if that was the case, it’s a bit presumptuous to automatically assume Gaga is still in love with Cooper.

First of all, both Gaga and Cooper have been adamant that they never crossed any lines during their time working together. While it’s no secret that the actors created a strong bond and admired each other greatly, we just have no reason to believe they were anything more than good friends and very good actors. But an important detail that the magazine completely omitted is that Gaga isn’t single. The “Bad Romance” singer has been dating tech mogul Michael Polansky since 2020.

So, not only is this story inaccurate and highly speculative, but it’s also extremely disrespectful to Gaga’s current relationship. Overall, we have absolutely no reason to take this report seriously.

The Tabloid On Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper

Then again, this story isn’t surprising coming from In Touch. The magazine has been wrong about both stars’ love lives in the past. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Gaga was engaged to Michael Polansky and pregnant with his child. The magazine also reported Bradley Cooper was dating Jennifer Garner. Clearly, In Touch doesn’t have any insight into Cooper and Gaga’s personal lives.

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