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One of the problems with living in America in the 21st century is that it is, well, America in the 21st century. But one of the great things about living in the Decline and Fall of the West is that one is always entertained.

In case you missed it, the organizers of Seattle Pride Week/Month/Year/Millennium/Epoch/Whatever have ousted Amazon as a sponsor. The reason? Like many businesses, Amazon supposedly gave money to politicians opposed to LGBTQRETIBONCYONAGKZX&UFDR#!$%^&* +/- @ policies. Apparently, Amazon doled out around $450,000 to lawmakers who opposed the Equality Act and handed out $11,000 to state legislators who backed anti-acronym bills. Amazon’s PAC also reportedly donated close to a million dollars in 2020 to politicians, the majority of whom backed bills that the LGBTQ, etc. crowd opposes. The problem with that is that anyone can earn the anti-acronym title by picking their nose in public while not waving the latest flag.

A spokesperson (spokesbeing?) for Seattle Pride stated: “We simply cannot partner with any organization actively harming our community through the support of discriminatory laws and politics.” Amazon countered with: “We stand together with the LGBTQ community and are working at the U.S. federal and state level on legislation, including supporting passage of the Equality Act.” Nice try but barn door, open. Horse, gone.

Amazon is not exactly known for its right-wing values. But it got caught with its hand in the cookie jar, and now it has to spend some time in Cancel Jail. No loss there, but I suspect if you are an Amazon subscriber, you will notice an uptick in the LGBTQ offerings as the company tries to make bail. And to be honest, I’m an adult and have enough to worry about without fretting over your pronouns, whom you love, or what you do with your junk. Horror of horrors, I am not as fascinated with your sexuality as you are. I don’t have time to obsess over your crotch and frankly, neither do you. Go live your life, for crying out loud. What I find problematic is the alacrity with which leftists will turn on anyone at a moment’s notice to savor the taste of blood and gristle between their incisors.

Good Lord, it must be exhausting to be a lefty these days. How do these people keep all the damn acronyms straight, let alone find the energy to be so angry 24/7? It must take a special type of dysfunction or sociopathy to run around posing, and canceling things like a cat spraying the new furniture. I feel like an old man sitting in his rocker and whittling on the front porch: “Yessir, I ‘member back in ’70. All you needed to be a leftist back then was some bare feet, patchouli oil, and one of them yeller and green ecology stickers. Ever’body was welcome, ‘long as you had a peace sign and hated The Man. Oh well, time for Murder, She Wrote and my pills. Who are you, again? ”

Watching lefties cancel one thing on a Monday and another thing on a Tuesday, and carving up their bodies and identities and those of their children because The Machine told them to, reminds me of a story I read many years ago. Granted, it was in one of my dad’s Playboys. They were lying all over the house because my parents were sexually and socially progressive. And of course, being an eleven-year-old kid, I read them. Why? C’mon, man. Why do you think an eleven-year-old boy would read Playboy? Hint: It wasn’t for the tips on putting together a home hi-fi system. But even pre-adolescent sexual angst gets old, and eventually I did get around to reading the articles and stories. No, really. I swear.

Regarding the story in question: I wish I could remember the title, and I’ll leave it to an enterprising reader to find it. It takes place in the usual “not-to-distant-future” in which the standards of beauty have changed. In this future, people are paying incredible amounts of money for plastic surgery not to improve their appearance, but to destroy it. I’m not talking about the kind of ugly from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, but a Joseph Merrick, Elephant Man level of disfigurement. And all because of the whims of societal norms. People are afraid to show up at all of the best parties unless they look like they shoved their faces under a lawnmower. Ugly is the new beautiful. Kind of like how men are the new women. And other things. Because someone said so.

To be honest, part of me like many of you enjoys those moments when the leftists chow down on each other’s giblets. On the other hand, the fact that these hammerheads are increasingly being put in charge of government and commerce fills me with dread. These people are more concerned with style than substance, feelings over actual results. Clicks over integrity.

Years ago, we used to raise chickens. Recently, we picked up four of them and I built a pen and coop in the corner of the yard so we could make another run at self-sufficiency. Funny thing about chickens. If I want them on the left side of the backyard, I throw some mealworms on the left side of the yard. If I want them on the right side of the yard, I throw some mealworms on the right side of the yard. Ditto if I want them to go back in their pen. And like my chickens, the new left is willing to go anywhere or do anything for mealworms.

And that, dear reader, is not just the new left, but the generation that is coming into its majority as you read this. Protest something I don’t understand? Okay, where are my mealworms? Prostitute myself on TikTok or OnlyFans? Alright, make with the mealworms. Follow the herd and cut up my genitals? Mealworms, right? You’ve got mealworms, don’t you? Swallow whatever the late-night comics and CNN tell me as truth? I was told there would be mealworms. And the strategy could conceivably work if The Machine didn’t change the norms every five seconds. But, you gotta get those mealworms.

It would be downright hilarious if these chickens weren’t dragging all of us to the chopping block with them.

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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