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The Issue: The resignation of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin after being indicted on federal bribery charges.

Our accidental governor’s habit of making appointments based on identity politics rather than merit has come back to haunt her with the arrest and resignation of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin (“How Hochul Missed ‘Lies,’ ” Apr. 14).

Gov. Hochul’s ill-advised selection of Benjamin, and her ineffective leadership on bail reform and crime reduction, clearly demonstrate that she is not ready for prime time.

The timing of the Benjamin scandal could not be worse, since he will most likely appear on the primary ballot with her, a major embarrassment for someone who campaigned on changing the culture in Albany.

This sudden turn of events leaves the door wide open for common-sense Democratic candidate Rep. Tom Suozzi and Republican favorite Rep. Lee Zeldin to make it a close race for governor.

Anthony Scro

The arrest and subsequent resignation of Benjamin is politics as usual in New York state. We continue to be the laughingstock of the nation.

Apparently, Hochul only had two criteria in vetting a lieutenant governor: They were to be a minority and be from Harlem.

New York, we have a moron in the Executive Mansion.

Craig R. Foote

The staff of New York’s unelected governor has admitted that there were “some flags raised” in the vetting of then-state Sen. Benjamin before naming him lieutenant governor.

But when questioned on the matter during a subway shooting press conference, Hochul said that she made the best choice possible with the information she was given, making it seem that Benjamin was the one and only option.

By trying to win over the downstate electorate to help win the next gubernatorial election — her main goal since temporarily assuming the position — she may have done more harm than good, a lesson the Democrats can’t seem to learn.

Joe Schulok
The Bronx

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and current Gov. Hochul have one thing in common: Neither was very good at choosing a lieutenant governor.

Steven Murphy

Nothing illustrates the cesspool of corruption that has permeated Albany better than Benjamin resigning over an alleged bribery rap.

And yet despite this damning scandal that should ruin anyone’s political career, Benjamin’s name will still remain on the June primary ballot as a legitimate contender.

Hochul engaged in damage control by saying, “New Yorkers deserve absolute confidence in their government, and I will continue working every day to deliver for them.”

Allow me to answer our beleaguered governor: We, the people of New York, have zero confidence in your defund-the-police, no-bail-for-criminals, sanctuary-state agenda.

The November gubernatorial election can’t come fast enough.

As the adage goes, we get the government we deserve. And if the people of New York continue to vote in these corrupt Democrats, it’s the end of the road for this law-abiding, working-class family.

Eugene Dunn

Add Benjamin to the list of corrupt New York officials. Another one bites the dust, and it’s not a shock that he’s a Democrat.

The unelected Hochul should better research her subordinates before making a selection. Albany needs a good laxative to get rid of all the waste.

Vincent Conti
Staten Island

The arrest and subsequent resignation of the lieutenant governor should encourage New Yorkers to ask a question: Do we even need to have a lieutenant governor?

Five states have no lieutenant governor while Tennessee and West Virginia assign the position to the state Senate president.

Do the people of these states complain and want the position added to their budgets? The answer is no, because the job is not needed.

Paul Feiner

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Source: NYPOST

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