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The Issue: Tensions between Russia and the US over Russia’s increased presence at the Ukraine border.

The notion that Ukraine poses a threat to Russia’s national security is farcical (“Ukraine talks tank,” Feb. 11).

What is true, though, is the reverse: Russia is attacking Ukraine and poses a threat to its neighbors. Russian President Vladimir Putin uses the specter of security concerns as a thin facade for his real motivations.

He seeks, in some format, to rebuild the Soviet Union and return Russia to its bygone glory — long lost to other powers such as the United States and China.

Amid the woeful state of domestic affairs in Russia, Putin seeks to distract his people with cheap nationalism and expansionism.

Daniel Dolgicer


When I first heard about the coronavirus spreading around this time two years ago, I thought it would just blow over like Ebola did.

But hearing about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine, I think there’s no reason to doubt it. I think it will take a miracle for this to blow over like the 2014 invasion of Crimea.

If we don’t take it seriously, it might last longer than this pandemic.

Ed Frond

Weeping Water, Neb.

There is a good reason why former Defense Secretary Robert Gates once said that now-President “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national-security issue over the past four decades.”

Today the world finds itself in the most dangerous time since World War II. There are true threats of escalating tension that could lead to World War III.

Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Putin do not respect Biden, nor do they fear him.

America’s enemies like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea have been emboldened by Biden’s disastrous foreign-policy mistakes.

Michael Hart

Kokomo, Ind.

Biden has taken a stand to protect the Ukrainian border, sending funds, military equipment, logistical support and US soldiers for this purpose.

Yet the president and Vice President Kamala Harris (the so-called “border czar”) have allowed unvetted illegal aliens, violent criminals, drug cartels and terrorists to freely cross our borders and enter into our country.

Karl Olsen


The Issue: A group of truckers protesting the Canadian government’s COVID mandates in Ottawa.

The threat to mass-arrest the demonstrators in Ottawa is a stunning flexing of police-state power (“ ‘Bridge too far’ for Trudeau,” Feb. 9).

Mass arrest have been done when riots became violent and people were assaulted. But so far, the Trudeau government can’t show anything but a bunch of Canadians peacefully demanding their freedom.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is determined to break the truckers. Instead, he is likely to immolate his political career and change Canada forever.

It is clear the truckers are increasingly seen as the majority, working and middle classes rising against elites who are suppressing them. Stoking that can only end one way for the wimpy boy-wonder Trudeau.

James Barends

Wayne, Pa.

Bravo to Canada’s truckers, and shame on the liberal socialist Prime Minister Trudeau.

Those in the “Freedom Convoy” are fed up with government mandates.

Of course, CNN calls the convoy a threat to democracy while the Canadian government calls the truckers terrorists. And “GoFundMe” canceled $10 million in donations for the truckers.

JR Cummings


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Source: NYPOST

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