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The Issue: A law passed by the City Council giving legal noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.

Giving voting rights to noncitizens in municipal elections is wrong on so many counts (“Noncitizens can now vote in NYC muni elex,” Jan. 10).

First, voting is a privilege of citizenship. As a longtime poll worker, I can tell you of the pride that accompanies the first voting experience of a newly minted citizen.

Are we to take that away from them by giving that right to anyone that has been a lawful resident of New York City for more than 30 days?

Second, how do we deal with elections that have both local races and state and/or federal races? Are we supposed to have two sets of ballots? This would not only be confusing to voters, but also to poll workers.

Bill Isler, Queens

I’m with Mayor Adams on passing this legislation, but I would suggest a change of name.

These “noncitizens” are not the undocumented, but rather those who have green cards or permanent visas.

These documents are not easy to get, and the people who finally get them, are, in my opinion, more likely to be engaged in civic matters. Perhaps we can refer to them as green card/long-term visa holders.

Melanie Coronetz


I had high hopes after Adams’ election because of his pushback against the radical left’s pro-crime policies that have inflicted a reign of terror on the public.

So you can imagine how dismayed I was that he didn’t veto the appalling measure to let noncitizens vote.

How can one have a legitimate government when legitimate votes are being devalued and diluted by votes from noncitizens?

It’s designed by the far left to get more power for themselves by the most underhanded means possible.

Hopefully, the courts will toss out this blatantly unconstitutional measure, but that can’t be counted on.

Richard Sol

Forest Hill

As our borders are left open during a pandemic, and after Democrats tried to slip amnesty into their reconciliation bill, it’s no surprise they want to extend voting to noncitizens.

With this law passing in America’s biggest city, this will likely become an issue across the country.

Adams says he “looks forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process,” but what Democrats really want to do is bring millions more Democrats into the process. What’s next after this — lowering the voting age to 16?

They are always doing their best to protect Democracy, aren’t they?

Gary Mottola


This is a scary, slippery slope. I wonder: How long will it take before some public officials push for noncitizens to vote at all levels.

It’s similar to the marijuana legislation, which was supposed to be medication for seniors; now we have users at younger ages everywhere.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

Allowing noncitizens to vote, even in municipal elections, is a grave threat to American democracy.

Our Constitution has guided and shaped this country for over 200 years. Even though there are those on the left who degrade America and want to destroy our country, it is still a land of undeniable freedom and prosperity. Our Constitution is very clear.

America is a generous nation that allows children born of illegal residents to become citizens. Many other countries do not grant this privilege. Voting is a right for citizens and citizens only.

This disgrace must be challenged and taken to court after court until it is struck down.

Catherine Adago


As a former New Yorker who loved the city, I had such high hopes for Adams to restore New York to its former glory. He promised to be the anti-Bill de Blasio.

Yet it seems that he is the typical politician, who says what the voters want to hear and then caves when elected.

Noncitizens are to vote, and the left will get whatever it wants. So disappointing — and the exodus will continue.

J.J. Levine

Miami Beach, Fla.

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Source: NYPOST

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