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A popular news outlet referred to Vice President Kamala Harris by her first name in the headline, and many on the left are melting down with fury because they see it as disrespectful, sexist, and racist.

The Politico article points out that Harris, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, received Paxlovid, a medication from Pfizer that is meant for people “at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.” Given that Harris is non-symptomatic, it raised questions about the inequity in access to medical treatments.

Many on social media were offended that Politico would even question the rationale for providing the medication to Harris, but others were even more incensed that the article referred to the vice president simply as “Kamala.”

Among those were television personality Star Jones who tweeted at Politico editor Sam Stein:

“Seriously, @politico, this is not only disrespectful…it’s racist and sexist. I’ve known her for more than 3 decades & I don’t refer to her or call her ‘Kamala.’ She is Madam Vice President. The enormity of her position deserves basic respect,” she added in a second tweet.

“The racist misogynistic way he refers to the VP has taken center stage but the article itself is a disgusting racist, attempted hit job,” read another tweet.

“…we have an entire media landscape dedicated to the degradation of women, especially Black women with the intention of ‘putting us in our place,’” responded another detractor. “You see cisgender white males on the left, right, or who say they’re ‘apolitical’ (like reporters) who believe it’s their right to ‘knock women down a peg or two’ when we step into power.”

“How much you wanna bet there isn’t one #Politico article in existence that just referred to VP Pence as ‘Mike’ both during and after he was in office?” read another popular tweet.

One social media user called on Will Smith to slap Politico the way he slapped comedian Chris Rock.

Despite the enthusiasm some fans of Harris had on social media, polling shows that the vice president is very unpopular, and her office has been wracked with controversy over claims of incompetence.

Here’s more about Harris’ terrible polling:

[embedded content] Vice President Kamala Harris Has Lowest Approval Ratings in History www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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