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CNN viewers lambasted the cable news network on Tuesday after they interviewed Caitlyn Jenner, a California recall candidate, despite polling showing her with only 1% support.

Jenner was interviewed by Brianna Keilar on CNN with just one week before California residents decide whether to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 14.

Many on the left took to social media to bash the network for giving Jenner a platform.

“If any other candidate was polling at 1%, they wouldn’t be getting airtime. There is absolutely no reason why Caitlyn Jenner should be on any news network,” said liberal activist Charlotte Clymer.

“Why would CNN have on Caitlyn Jenner, a candidate with 1%? Is this the cable equivalent of click bait?” asked veteran Democrat strategist Bob Shrum.

“It’s fully possible to support Caitlyn Jenner’s identity journey and be vehemently against her beliefs and politics. I don’t even know why CNN is entertaining her viability as a candidate. How about we not give reality tv stars the spotlight for political office anymore?” tweeted activist Malynda Hale.

Others, like soap opera actress Nancy Lee Grahn, called for viewers to stop watching CNN.

“The only way to show them that a #CaitlynJenner shouldn’t be on a supposed legit news program is to turn it off 4 a couple of days or even a week. The break would do us all good,” she tweeted.

“Why in the f*** is Caitlyn Jenner on CNN this morning? She’s a f***ing joke at 1% in the bigger f***ing joke of the California recall,” tweeted another critic.

Keilar challenged Jenner on the low support for her candidacy on recent polling, which Jenner dismissed. Other viewers noted that Keilar spent much of the interview attacking the frontrunner among recall challengers, conservative talk show host Larry Elder.

Here’s the latest about about the recall election:

[embedded content] Gov. Newsom, opponents continue intense campaign ahead of recall election in SF www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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