Locals gather in downtown Augusta to celebrate Independence Day
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AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – Monday night was all about food, fun, and patriotism as Augusta came together to celebrate our country’s freedom.

Live music, inflatables, and fireworks made this a super-family-friendly 4th of July in downtown Augusta.,,  with something for everyone.

“I love it baby, “said Janice Foxworth.

“The beer, music, food,” said Eric Silvestri.

:More than 30 vendors were on hand, offering food, drinks, and 4th of July goodies. We caught up with some people who were here at the city celebration for the first time.

Foxworth says, “We always knew about the festivities, but this is the first time we decided to come down to it. So this year we just decided to come, me my husband and my grandkids.”

Others came out just to see the fireworks.

Reggie Hampton says “That’s what I came for. I really came to see the big booms.”

“It’s all computer generated,” said Craig Butler.

Butler is the owner of Pyro Shows East Coast. He says much preparation went into Monday night’s firework show.

He says,”Every shell has got a designated hole, where the computer tells it to fire. It could tell something on this end to fire or that end to fire.”

Butler says the show will be made of more than a ton of fireworks.

“We got a lot of cakes and those are a multiple shot effect up to 150 shots out of one cake. We’ve got some low-level stuff, some strobes aerials. Big shells 5-inch shells, 3-inch shells,” he said.

People as far as North Carolina and Statesboro came out to enjoy the festivities, and while crime was a concern, it wasn’t enough to keep the crowd away.

“I’m just going to enjoy myself and I’m not going to be panicking because after all God is in control,” said Angela Gooding.

The Richmond County Sheriffs Office is site. There are several deputies parked throughout downtown Augusta and the Augusta Fire Department is on site as well.

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