Lockdown Forever! Court Finds Forced Vax for Caregivers Constitutional
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A German court has ruled forced vax rule for caregivers constitutional, endangering the jobs of many unjabbed workers in the sector.

Germany’s crusade for forced vax laws continues after a court in the country ruled on Thursday that a mandate requiring caregivers to get jabbed or lose their job is constitutional.

The ruling has seemingly emboldened politicians in the country once again to push for a wider forced vax regime covering all older people in the country, despite the fact that many other nation-states across the world have largely relaxed all lockdown measures aimed at tackling the disease.

According to a report by Der Speigel, a challenge to the constitutionality of the law forcing nursing and healthcare staff to get vaccinated against the Chinese Coronavirus which argued that it breached principles regarding bodily autonomy was rejected by the Federal Constitutional Court.

While the court did agree with the challenge’s claim that the law interfered with an individual’s fundamental human rights, it concluded that such interference was in keeping with the German constitution considering the circumstances.

“Within the scope of the assessment to which it is entitled, the legislature has found an appropriate balance between the protection of vulnerable people from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is pursued with the obligation to provide proof, and the violations of fundamental rights,” a press release from the court read.

“Despite the high intensity of the intervention, the constitutionally protected interests of the complainants working in the health and care sector must ultimately take a back seat,” it concluded.

The court’s ruling, which will now see nursing and healthcare staff dismissed if they cannot provide proof of being jabbed or recently recovered from COVID-19, may have had an emboldening effect on lockdown loving politicians in Germany, with many once again pushing for a more widespread forced vax mandate to be introduced in the country.

Officials from the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse reportedly once again made an appeal for mandatory vaccination to be introduced nationwide on Monday, saying that a forced vax regime for all aged 60 and up would reduce hospitalisation numbers in the coming autumn.

The call comes after an identical mandate was flatly rejected by the German parliament back in April, being rejected by the country’s Bundestag by over 80 votes.

While this loss was no doubt a setback for many within the country’s pro-lockdown government, it has not stopped those in power from keeping in place hardline lockdown rules.

This includes forced mask-wearing on planes, leaving Germany as an outlier compared to most of its fellow EU states due to the bloc having broadly abandoned mandatory mask-wearing on airliners since Monday.

Those flying to and from Germany are still required to wear either FFP2 or medical masks throughout the journey, even if their destination or place of origin has totally relaxed rules regarding mask-wearing.

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