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THE prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has failed in a bid to be let out of prison early.

Christian B has been denied parole over the rape of a pensioner in Praia da Luz after serving half his sentence, the Mirror has revealed.

Christian B, 45, has been denied parole


Christian B, 45, has been denied parole
He is held inside the high security prison in Oldenburg near Bremen


He is held inside the high security prison in Oldenburg near Bremen
The German man is a formal suspect in her Madeleine McCann's disappearance


The German man is a formal suspect in her Madeleine McCann’s disappearanceCredit: PA

The decision panel are understood to have held concerns that he was at “high risk of reoffending”.

He will remain in prison until at least May 2023 when he can make another parole application.

Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said:  “His request was rejected on the grounds that he could not be given a positive social prognosis.

“In other words, the court has said it believes that the convict will commit further offences if released.”

Maddie McCann prime suspect Christian B new 'alibi' claim blasted by German cops
Chief Maddie suspect Christian B ‘refused to say where he was when she vanished’

The woman spent two days with investigators recounting her ordeal in September 2005 — two years before Madeleine vanished from the Ocean Club complex in the same Algarve resort.

Christian B escaped justice for 12 years before he was nailed by DNA evidence taken from a hair at the scene.

A spokesperson for the Oldenburg District Court said: “The court ruled there were no grounds for suspending the remainder of the sentence.” 

The decision will likely be welcomed by investigators working to find links between Christian B to McCann’s disappearance.

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Wolters believes more “developments” are likely within the next three weeks.

Christian B has denied any involvement and claims he was miles away having sex with a woman in his camper van at the time Madeleine vanished.

He has said that the next day they were stopped on the way to Faro Airport and had their picture taken at a roadblock.

He claimed the woman was arrested at the airport for carrying a pepper spray – however an arrest report indicates she was actually detained a week after Madeleine disappeared.

Cops recently forensically tested McCann suspect Christian B’s van after he was quizzed for first time about the missing girl.

Portuguese cops are waiting for results from the VW van that Christian B drove while living on the Algarve where the three-year-old vanished on May 3, 2007.

The German convicted paedophile was questioned by police in Oldenburg jail after authorities named him as an official suspect on Thursday.

Police asked him: “Where were you the night Madeleine McCann disappeared?

Christian B was pressed to provide an alibi, adding: “If you weren’t by the apartment she ­disappeared from, where were you?”

Insiders close to the case claim he did not answer any of the questions.

It comes after cops in Portugal decided they WILL continue to investigate Madeleine McCann’s disappearance despite the Met Police ending its probe.

Sources close to Portuguese authorities said abandoning their ongoing case review was “completely out of the question”.

Portugal’s Attorney General’s Office said an independent inquiry led by prosecutors out of the Algarve will continue.

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A spokesman said: “The investigation is proceeding, with the inquiry not having a final conclusion yet.”

Sources connected to the country’s police dismissed concerns its ongoing case review case will be wound down even though Scotland Yard discontinued its 11-year investigation into McCann’s disappearance.

Source: thesun

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