Majority of Democrats Believe Children Should Be Able to Choose Their Own Pronouns
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Most Democrats believe children should be able to choose their own pronouns — a view not held by a majority of voters across the board, May’s Harvard-Harris survey found.

The survey asked, “Do you think that kids should be able to pick their pronouns — he, she or they — or do you think they should be called by their sex?”

A majority across the board, 59 percent, said children should be called by their sex, as opposed to 41 percent who said children should be able to choose their own pronouns. 

Most Democrats, 61 percent, think children should be able to choose their own pronouns, while 39 percent disagree. Most Republicans and independents, 77 percent and 64 percent, respectively, believe children should be called by their biological sex. 

What is more, 60 percent of voters believe that allowing children to choose their own pronouns simply “confuses kids” as opposed to the 40 percent who believe it “prevents discrimination.” 

However, the survey continued to press on the subject and found that 63 percent believe teachers should be required to use a child’s preferred pronoun rather than use their own discretion, although 73 percent said that “misgendering” someone should not be classified as illegal discrimination. 

The survey was taken May 18-19, 2022, among 1,963 registered voters and comes as transgender activists continue to push radical gender ideology on children. The controversial subject made it to the national spotlight after the Florida legislature passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, which critics falsely labeled “Don’t Say Gay.” In reality, the bill, which Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed, bars classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity for children in kindergarten through third grade. North Carolina is pursuing a similar bill as well. 

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