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It’s a miracle no one else was killed in what is thought to be the latest shooting in a tit-for-tat gangland war in Greenacre last night, the homicide squad boss has said.

Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad died on the street after being sprayed with a “hail of bullets” in Narelle Crescent, Greenacre about 9.30pm yesterday.

Homicide Squad Commander Danny Doherty confirmed today he was a “marked man” and was aware of threats made on his life. 

“His life was always in danger, he was always going to be a victim of circumstances, he was either going to end up on a slab in the morgue or back in jail in a cell,” Detective Superintendent Doherty said.

Police are hunting a gunman after Mahmoud Ahmed, believed to belong to a gangland family, has been shot dead in western Sydney. (Nine)

NSW Police are investigating whether the killing is linking ongoing conflict between rival crime gangs in south-west Sydney, with Strike Force Raptor the first on the scene of the shooting.

“They actually found ‘Brownie’ Ahmad lying and dying in the street, and performed CPR… but unfortunately it was unable to save him,” he added.

“There’s a long list of  persons of interest and suspects who may have been involved in this shooting murder, this was an incredibly brazen, callous murder, where multiple shots were fired at Ahmad and resulted in his death.”

Police are continuing their investigation into the shooting of Mahmoud Ahmad. (Nine)

Detective Superintendent Doherty said there were other people with Ahmad at the time and described it as “an absolute miracle” no one else was hit.

“Obviously the intention was to kill him and they were going to do that by firing as many bullets at him as they could, and they were successful in their intention,” he said.

The homicide squad boss also addressed concern in the community about the ongoing gun violence, but police can’t combat it on their own.

He asked anyone in the area last night who may have witnessed the shooting or have footage of it to hand it over to police.

Two burnt-out cars were found near the scene of the deadly shooting of Mahmoud Ahmad. (Nine)

Ahmad’s brother Wally Ahmad was shot dead in 2016 at a Bankstown shopping centre in western Sydney.

This morning the crime scene remains shut down to the public as police continue their investigation, with forensic officers scouring the area for clues.

They will also closely examine nearby properties for CCTV footage as they piece together how the gunman made their getaway.

A number of neighbours told 9News they heard last night’s shooting.

Police are also investigating whether into two burning vehicles found at Greenacre and Belmore are linked to the incident.

Source: 9News

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