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Stalinism is alive and well on our college campuses, and it’s spreading into our public classrooms. It’s spreading into our culture in many ways, and it only goes in one direction.

Mark Levin illustrated the “Stalinism effect” on “LevinTV.” Mark’s good friend, Allen West, is an American combat hero. He served multiple tours, including in Iraq, and he is a brilliant man who has done an enormous amount of reading. In other words, he is well beyond qualified to be treated respectfully at a venue where he was invited to speak to students.

Upon his visit to the University of Buffalo, where he was invited to speak about how America isn’t racist, West found himself in the middle of a chaotic scene. Black Lives Matter and others shot him down and would not let him speak. “Why?” Mark asked. “American, Marxism, that’s why.”

According to Mark, free speech and freedom of association are not welcome in a Marxist environment. Conformity and uniformity are, however, demanded in a Marxist environment.

West told Fox News what happened during his short visit to the University of Buffalo including radical black students heckling him throughout his entire speech, and a police escort off campus.

Some students who attended the event said they later received death threats online. West said he remembers a time when black students had to be escorted on campus.

Watch the clip for more details.

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Source: TheBlaze

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