Media Try to Blame FDA for Biden's Baby Formula Shortage
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His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s baby formula shortage is such an unmitigated disaster, the lying corporate media are unable to dismiss it, unable to blame Republicans for it, and can only try to blame the FDA, and do so with the most desperate spin you’ll ever read:

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf laid out a series of setbacks in congressional testimony that slowed his agency’s response, including a COVID-19 outbreak at the plant and a whistleblower complaint that didn’t reach FDA leadership because it was apparently lost in the mail.


FDA staff began honing in on Abbott’s plant last fall while tracking several bacterial infections in infants who had consumed formula from the facility. The four cases occurred between September and January, causing hospitalizations and two deaths.


Califf also struggled to explain delays in following up on a whistleblower complaint alleging numerous safety violations at Abbott’s plant, including employees falsifying records and failing to test formula before shipment.

Nice try, ABC News!

The media want you to believe the following is the problem: the baby formula scarcity, which is putting infants all over America in the hospital with malnutrition, was caused by the FDA’s delay in shutting down Abbott’s Michigan plant.

In this article, which is deceptively titled, “FDA chief struggles to explain slow response on baby formula,” we’re told there was  “a months-long delay in inspecting the plant at the center of a nationwide baby formula shortage” is the issue.

Well, sorry. That’s not the issue.

It might be an issue.

But it’s not the issue.

A months-long delay inspecting at a baby formula plant where there might be contamination certainly is an issue. But I repeat, it is not the issue.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JANUARY 13: Baby formula is offered for sale at a big box store on January 13, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. Baby formula has been is short supply in many stores around the country for several months.

Baby formula is offered for sale at a big box store on January 13, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The issue is the shortage of baby formula, and whether the Abbott Michigan plant was inspected in and closed in September of last year of February of this year, has nothing to do with the shortage.

Allow me to lay out the issue…

The issue is that the Biden administration had known for months — and whether those months began in September 2021 or February 2022 — that a primary manufacturer of baby formula was being shut down. And although the Biden administration knew this shutdown was coming, the Biden administration did nothing to ensure there was a plan B that would keep our country stocked with baby formula.

That is THE issue.

That is THE only issue.

And we all know why the Biden administration failed to plan for what was obviously going to result in a shortage… because feeding babies is not a priority with an administration obsessed with pronouns and gun-grabbing and destroying Donald Trump and covering for an enfeebled president who has no idea what day it is.

Making sure Americans are safe and have enough food, energy, and water is priority number one for the government, and the idiots in the Biden White House are failing on almost every count. Our  border is wide open, we don’t have enough gasoline, and our babies are being hospitalized for malnutrition.

But what’s a few dead babies when pronouns are at stake?

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