Meghan Markle Pushes Pro-Abortion Left to ‘Channel Fear into Action’ After Roe Reversal
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Meghan Markle is rallying left-wing, pro-abortion activists to join her in condemning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In an exchange with feminist campaigner Gloria Steinham, the Duchess chose to publicly define the decision as endangering women, warning of a “blueprint for reversing rights” before saying action not fear will ensure a reversal.

Revealing the reaction to the ruling in her own house was “guttural,” with the “feminist” Prince Harry equally despairing, she then added it is essential for changes to be “pushed through.”

Markle’s comments were made in conversation with Steinem for Vogue magazine.

“Well, Gloria, maybe it seems as though you and I will be taking a trip to D.C. together soon,” the Duchess said. The pair say they are campaigning for the Equal Rights Amendment.

“It is completely nonsensical that that’s even something we’re still fighting for,” the Duchess lamented to the veteran feminist campaigner.

 Asked whether she felt the Supreme Court decision was a “canary-in-the-coal-mine moment,” she said “absolutely,” warning it “feels like the tip of the iceberg” for the future of “same-sex marriage, contraception access, and many fundamental rights to privacy.”

“We have to channel that fear into action,” the California-based former actress said. “We can start this November in the midterms. “I know hearing that feels so repetitive, but we have to vote, every time, from local elections to state and national elections.”

She has pledged to continue her activism “without question.”

“Being home [in America], seeing what’s happening in our country and feeling energised and motivated, if this is the type of legislation that we need pushed through, then this is a moment that I am absolutely going to show up for,” she said.

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