This year’s Capitol riots were a hot topic once again on today’s episode of The View, and after watching yesterday’s hearing, Meghan McCain had plenty of new opinions to share. While commending the officers that opened up about their experiences on Jan. 6’s insurrection, the co-host tore into the left for their continued support of “defund the police” and other rhetoric.

During the segment on the ABC talk show, anchor Whoopi Goldberg tossed to McCain, framing the question around how the issue has become politicized.

“These cops were protecting Republican and Democratic official,” Goldberg said. “Why isn’t this a galvanizing moment for everyone? Is it really about just winning, or have we lost something?”

Before delving into her own opinion on the matter, McCain attempted to answer Goldberg’s question about the right versus the left in this matter.

“I mean, I agree with what you’re asking Whoopi — that it’s confusing why this is being politicized,” McCain began. “Again, it’s an extremely dark day in American history. Definitely one of our darkest days ever. It was horrific to watch, I can’t even fathom what it would’ve been like to be a law enforcement officer defending the capitol in that time.”

Then, McCain shifted gears, denouncing any anti-police rhetoric that’s been bubbling up over the past year while endorsing the controversial “blue lives matter” movement.

“I’m equally grossed out by anyone trying to mock the trauma of a law enforcement officer,” McCain said, then referencing co-host Sara Haines’s earlier statement about the Republican Party. “You’re right, Sara: ‘blue lives matter’ is something that many Republicans have said, and that I certainly have said and believe.”

McCain also said her piece about government officials who are politicizing this moment, especially tearing into folks on the left for their hypocrisy.

“Alternatively, I don’t like people on the left politicizing these particular law enforcement officers,” McCain said. I can remember just a few mere months ago that all law enforcement were irredeemable and needed different kind of training and should be defunded.”

The co-host continued, arguing that police “don’t feel respected” and this is why places like Washington, D.C. are having troubles recruiting new officers. She also argued that “defund the police” has a major affect on not only cities, but specific places like the Capitol as well.

“I would hope that politics on both sides would be removed from this, and we could take this as a teachable moment about just how valuable police officers and law enforcement are,” McCain said. “And that the narrative and the rhetoric from the past year has been equally dangerous.”

Rounding out her argument, McCain said that she believes people “should have a lot more respect for police officers,” calling on her audiences to watch yesterday’s testimonies.

“I just want to send my support to these police officers,” McCain concluded. Because these people on Capitol Hill and in the rest of the country are paid very little and they are called to do the hardest jobs and put their life on the line every single morning — which is nothing that no pundit in no studio on any network ever is called to do.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Watch the full segment in the clip above.

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Source: NYPOST

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