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My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell was kicked off of Twitter just hours after rejoining the site for reportedly violating their rules on “ban evasion.” Lindell was previously booted from the site for documenting election fraud but created a new account after Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

In January of 2021, Lindell was kicked off of Twitter along with countless conservatives and others at odds with far-left orthodoxy, like President Trump, for questioning the 2020 election and exposing rampant irregularities and outright fraud in the process. Twitter even banned the account of Lindell’s business, MyPillow, as they purged the platform of any and all dissenting voices.

Now, following Elon Musk’s more than $44 billion purchase of Twitter, the platform has seen a resurgence in conservative membership as many hope that Musk, who has described himself as a free speech absolutist, will end Twitter’s oppressive censorship policies. Lindell was among those on the right to make the jump back to Twitter following the change in ownership and rejoined this past weekend, only to be kicked off again within hours.


“Hello everybody, I’M BACK ON TWITTER!” Mike Lindell tweeted on Sunday afternoon at 1:25 PM eastern time from the handle of @MikeJLindell. He asked fellow Twitter users to follow his new account and spread the word that he was back on the platform.

Within minutes of rejoining Twitter and posting his return announcement, he had garnered over 20,000 followers and the number continued to climb until just after 5:00 PM eastern time when Mike Lindell was once again kicked off of Twitter. A search for his new profile now directs to a page explaining that the account has been suspended.


A Twitter spokesperson explained Lindell’s most recent dismissal as being due to a violation of their “ban evasion” rules. While some have had their suspended or disabled accounts restored since Musk’s takeover, Lindell was outright banned from the site when he was kicked off last year and that ban apparently still stands.

A devout Christian who found salvation from the depths of drug addiction through his relationship with Jesus Christ, Mike Lindell has been a frequent target of the left due to his support of President Trump and his open American patriotism. His MyPillow business employs Americans in his home state of Minnesota, where he manufactures his products, and he has even started his own social media platform, Frank Speech, in protest of big tech censorship online.

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Source: National File

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