Mike Pompeo’s almost 100-pound weight loss is a huge transformation. Pompeo faced nasty comments about his dramatic physical change, despite his healthy lifestyle change. The former Secretary of State told New York Post he received negative comments from the public. Pompeo said, “The posts were pretty nasty or just inaccurate, speculating that I had health issues with my neck, or that I had cancer … Nobody ever called me and really asked, ‘Hey, what happened?'”

He’s not wrong about the conversation circulating online. One Twitter user tweeted, “He [Pompeo] did that weight loss thing that looks like he’s dying of cancer.” Another speculated, “He [Pompeo] had a gastric bypass.” A Washington, D.C. Twitter user observed: “Has Mike Pompeo discovered the ‘I am running for President diet’? Whatever he did seems to have worked unless this is a body double or something.” But journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted, “Mike Pompeo has lost an incredible amount of weight.”

Despite the public chatter, the Post reported that Pompeo’s friend and fellow West Point grad David Urban wasn’t surprised about the weight loss. Urban said, “You don’t graduate from West Point, let alone become number one in your class at West Point, without being able to be incredibly focused.”

Source: Nicki Swift

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