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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has endured loud protesters in Alice Springs today.

“Go home Scomo,” the group yelled from behind a gate, clearly audible for Mr Morrison who appeared unphased as he met with Northern Territory locals on the election campaign.

It came as Mr Morrison significantly stepped up his language over the Solomon Islands security deal with Beijing, declaring today he will not allow a Chinese military base on Australia’s doorstep.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Alice Springs. (Nine)

Labor is continuing to blame the government for the deal Beijing signed with the Solomon Islands in the midst of the election campaign that opens the door to Chinese troops being stationed in the Pacific.

Mr Morrison made a new public warning to the Solomon Islands not to allow a Chinese military base to be built on its soil.

“I share the same red line as the US when it comes to these issues,” he said, referencing a White House statement.

US officials warned the Solomons that if Beijing attempts to “establish a de facto permanent military presence, power-projection capabilities, or a military installation … the United States would then have significant concerns and respond accordingly.”

It is a thinly veiled threat of military intervention, and Mr Morrison says Canberra would be in lockstep with Washington.

“We won’t be having Chinese military naval bases in our region on our doorstep ,” he said.

Australian troops are being sent to the Solomon Islands after unrest in the capital of Honiara.
China and the Solomons confirmed they had signed a security pact. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
An image of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is seen in background as Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers speaks during a campaign launch event in Logan, Queensland.
An image of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is seen in background as Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers speaks during a campaign launch event in Logan, Queensland. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Elsewhere today, the government accused Labor of a racist attack over an ad targeting Hong Kong-born Liberal MP Gladys Liu.

A Labor advert has drawn a furious response over the battle for the ultra-marginal Victorian seat of Chisholm.

It says: “What do we really know about Gladys Liu?

“She and the Liberal Party had to give back $300,000 because the donors were declared a national security risk.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg called the ad “a desperate, dishonest, racist attack ad by the Labor Party”.

Gladys Liu.
Liberal MP, Gladys Liu. (Getty)

Labor Senator Penny Wong, the shadow foreign minister, noted the fact that Liberal donations had to be returned over security concerns had been raised in parliament.

When politicians facing the public gets ugly

Mr Morrison, who was visiting Alice Springs, called the ad a “sewer tactic”.

Source: 9News

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