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The mother of a young boy who nearly tumbled from a ride at The Sydney Royal Easter Show because he wasn’t strapped in properly has described watching on in fear.

“Obviously you wait for them to come around and put the harness down, check on them …. so I was telling him to sit down and wait, the lady is going to put your harness on,” mum Skylena Boustani told 9News.

Sydney Royal Easter Show ride unrestrained Skylena Boustani Tristan
Skylena Boustani watched on in horror while her son Tristan was on a ride at the Easter Show. (9News)
A ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show has been shut down after this photo appeared on social media.
The ride has been shut down after this photo appeared on social media. (Supplied/Facebook)

“Next minute the ride just started going, everyone just started screaming for the operator to stop the ride.”

Ms Boustani said when the ride stopped her son started to lean forward and so she tried to keep him calm and still from the ground.

“Another parent with kids on the ride helped get Tristan down because his mum wasn’t tall enough, neither was my husband,” she said.

“We got Tristan to sort of climb down and jump in the other dad’s arms.”

Ms Boustani said she was in shock and staff member operating the ride appeared unsure of what to do initially.

“The ticket girl ran off, maybe to get some help, but no one ended up really coming over for a while. We had him down by then,” she said.

Sydney Royal Easter Show ride unrestrained Skylena Boustani Tristan
Tristan’s mum says he loves rides, and was waiting for the operator to strap him in. (9News)
Sydney Royal Easter Show ride unrestrained Skylena Boustani Tristan
Tristan and his sister at the show this week. (9News)

Ms Boustani claimed no one working on the ride or for the show came and checked on them once Tristan was safely on the ground.

“In a few more seconds, it would have done its jolt and he would have been thrown out of it because the ride itself goes up, and jolts, then down.

“I don’t even want to think about it.”

“The safety of patrons at the Show is paramount and we have shut down the kids’ Free Fall ride following a reported issue with a harness,” it read.

“The safety systems of the ride functioned well to prevent any injury occurring and the ride will not operate again until a full investigation has been completed and the ride has been approved by specialist engineers.”

Source: 9News

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