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NBC News on Friday provided unabashedly biased coverage of Florida’s newly-implemented abortion ban, giving air time to guests that called the law “cruel” and donned clothing that thanked God for the ability to terminate a pregnancy.

The ban, signed into law on Thursday by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, bans the performance of most abortions after 15 weeks and comes amid a wave of new abortion limits passed in Republican-controlled states.

In many instances, the new laws are being implemented in preparation for a pro-life ruling from the Supreme Court this summer that could overturn Roe v. Wade. The laws, along with the mere possibility of abortion rights being rolled back at a national level, have sparked outrage among abortion advocates.

Based on NBC’s coverage of the Florida law, it is clear whose side they are on.

[embedded content] Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban Into Law www.youtube.com

During the short segment on “Today,” the network gave voice to state Planned Parenthood representative Mayte Canino, who called the law “cruel” and lamented that women seeking abortions will now need to travel to North Carolina to undergo the procedure.

Then, the network trotted out abortion advocate Stephanie Loraine Pineiro who expressed her frustration while wearing a T-shirt that said, “Thank God for Abortion.”

Pineiro’s shirt immediately caused an uproar from some on social media, who noted that NBC’s decision to air the segment on the Christian observance of Good Friday, was especially “obscene.”

Pineiro’s reason for praising abortion stems from her own tragic experience with the procedure which she underwent after becoming pregnant as a result of a sexual assault.

Exceptions for rape or incest are not included in the Florida legislation. Though such cases are extremely rare, they are often amplified by abortion advocates. Pro-life advocates, on the other hand, often argue that committing a second act of violence (an abortion) is not the right response to the initial act of violence (the sexual assault).

Based on her biography on the Women’s Media Center’s website, Pineiro is concerned about far more than a woman’s right to an abortion following a sexual assault.

“Stephanie is a dedicated advocate for abortion access especially in the Latinx community due to navigating machismo and toxic masculinity her whole life. Sharing her abortion story is especially important for people whose families, churches, partners, political parties have shamed them for choosing to exercise their right to bodily autonomy,” the bio states.

Source: TheBlaze

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