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A news crew from “Meet the Press” on NBC News went to a rural grocery store in a community of color and asked if the Democrats had done anything for black people.

The responses were revealing.

“F*** no! No!” said one man who walked away as others in the store laughed. “Taking us down through, girl! That’s about it! Taking all our s***! Like the rest of them! Ain’t gonna do nothin for us!”

The segment was introduced as showcasing the problem that Democrats have in canvassing black males to vote for their party, especially in some pivotal rural areas of the country. NBC reporter Antonia Hylton talked to others in the store from North Carolina about why they’re so apathetic about politics.

“Well, you just sit there and you see your elders say something to you know the town hall or something like that, and nothing’s being done about it, after a while, it just becomes a non-factor in your life,” said an unidentified customer of the grocery store.

“You just feel like, I’m gonna do what I got to do, survive on a day to day, make way for my family and everything like that,” he added. “Politics don’t really matter.”

Hylton went on to interview a business owner at the store.

“Has Biden and generally the Democratic party, have they fulfilled promises that they’ve made over the last couple of years?” Hylton asked.

“To me, in a small down like this, it really doesn’t matter who you have in office. The effect that we experience is the same,” responded Michael Covington.

“It don’t matter if it’s Biden, it don’t matter if it’s Trump, it don’t matter if it’s Obama or Clinton or Bush, it really doesn’t matter,” he explained. “What we feel down here is exactly the same. They could never even tell us who the president is, and we really still gonna be exactly the same, you know what I mean.”

Numerous polling shows that the apathy towards the Democrats is not limited to black voters in rural regions. Experts believe the party is hurtling towards catastrophic losses in the midterm election that will severely hamstring President Joe Biden’s efforts to push forward his agenda.

Here’s the entire Meet the Press report:

Source: TheBlaze

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