Neoga left with questions, grief after two people found dead
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NEOGA, Ill. (WCIA) – For two families, things will never be the same. They each lost a loved one suddenly – and neither knows exactly why.

33-year-old Levi Connour and 40-year-old Jennifer Morecraft were found dead just before noon Wednesday. People in the area want to know what happened, and family members want the rumors to stop.

“I was shocked – you know, such a small town… something like that – you don’t really think would happen,” Teagan Monroe said.

Many others in Neoga feel the same way. Connour and Morecraft were found in a home on the edge of the city. Monroe lives a few miles away.

“No one really knows anything,” he said.

But everyone is wondering. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office requested state police’s help with the investigation. Illinois State Police said in a news release that autopsies and toxicology reports are pending for Connour and Morecraft.

Meanwhile, Cortney Connour is still processing the loss of his younger brother.

“We miss him dearly… it’s terrible that happened for our family and for the other family,” Connour said. “It’s like he’s not gone. I just [saw] him the other day at Thanksgiving… had a wonderful time… one of the happiest go lucky guys you’ll ever know.”

He’s waiting for answers too.

“Had to break the news to my mother and to everybody that was close in his life,” Connour said.

He said Levi Connour and Morecraft were ex-spouses, and rumors are spreading about their deaths.

“I know my brother. I know the man he was, and it’s a shame if anything other than that is said about him,” he said.

WCIA crews haven’t been able to reach the Morecraft family. But among online discussions, you’ll find people grieving and sharing their memories of both Connour and Morecraft.

“I’ve heard a thousand condolences and appreciate every one of them. And at the end of the day, you don’t know how to feel. You’re upset, you’re mad, you’re sad,” Connour said. “You cared so much for somebody and you spend your entire life with them. And then they’re just gone.”

State police said there is no known threat to public safety, and more information will be released when it becomes available.

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