New South Wales is waking to uncertainty over today’s COVID-19 case numbers, with rapid antigen test results contributing to an unpredictable forecast.

A little more than 60,000 positive RAT results, dating back to January 1, were included in yesterday’s record tally of 92,264 new COVID-19 cases.

But yesterday morning, Customer Services Minister Victor Dominello, who launched the Service NSW RAT registration app, said 78,000 had been received as of Wednesday night.

NSW registered more than 90,000 new COVID-19 cases yesterday. (AP)

It’s understood the remaining backdated numbers could be reported today, along with any received yesterday, meaning today’s case numbers could potentially dive as quickly as they rose.

NSW reported 22 deaths yesterday, an unfortunate new record for the state.

The uncertainty comes as a Hillsong youth camp on the NSW Mid North Coast faces heavy criticism, with witnesses claiming it looked more like a music festival, with singing and dancing.

NSW Health said last night it had “requested Hillsong immediately stop singing and dancing at an event being held in the Newcastle area”, saying it was a breach of the Public Health Order.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the Hillsong event was “clearly in breach of both the spirit and intent of the Order, which is in place to help keep the community safe”.

Hillsong has denied any claims that the camp was a music festival.

Coles Eastgardens

How Australia faced the emergence of the Omicron variant

“These events are our annual high school aged youth camps, and are not similar to a music festival in any way,” a Hillsong spokesperson said in a statement.

“Our camps involve primarily outdoor recreational activities including sports and games.

“We follow strict COVID procedures and adhere to government guidelines.

“Outdoor Christian services are held during the camp but these are only a small part of the program, and any singing is only a small part of each service.”

Source: 9News

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