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Hold onto your old coffee pods! 

Coffee giant Nespresso has today introduced a program in hopes to entice pod users to recycle their used coffee capsules.

Coffee drinkers can now exchange a bag of used pods for a fresh pack. (Supplied)

In exchange for used capsules and pods, Nespresso is keen to reward its customers with their choice of gift.

A full bag of used pods, about 100, can be taken into their local Nespresso store, there you’ll need to scan a QR code, register for the program and collect a reward.

Pod users can choose from either a free sleeve of coffee, a notebook made of old coffee grounds, or a beach towel. 

The pods are then sent off to the New South Wales recycling depot, where the grounds and aluminum are separated and then recycled.

Nespresso pods can only be recycling through Nespresso’s recycling program. (Supplied)

The pods can be any kind and any brand. Even if you’re using supermarket brand pods, Nespresso will happily accept them for the good of the planet.

The initiative is only available in-store, so if you’re someone who posts their pods directly to the recycling plant, you won’t be able to take advantage of this.

The program will run until the end of June and is limited to one exchange per month.

More information on the program is outlined on Nespresso’s website.

Source: 9News

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