New 'Devil in the Dorm' episode takes Larry Ray off-campus
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A new episode of Law&Crime Network’s ‘Devil in the Dorm’ was released exclusively on Wondery+ Monday.

Episode 3, titled Forced Labor, takes a deep dive into the time when Larry Ray took his victims off campus — from Sarah Lawrence College in New York down to North Carolina.

Larry Ray’s step-father’s house in Pinehurst, North Carolina (Exhibits from U.S. vs. Lawrence “Larry” Ray).

LISTEN: ‘Devil in the Dorm’ on Wondery+

At this point, Larry’s victims had trusted him: They thought he was a kind soul and great listener. So when he told them they needed to go to Pinehurst, North Carolina, to his step-father’s house, they didn’t ask any questions.

At the house, Larry forced his victims to dig ditches, lay down sod, and tear up the entire property. He restricted their access to food, water and sleep.


Images outside the North Carolina home where Larry Ray forced his victims to dig ditches (Exhibits from U.S. vs. Lawrence “Larry” Ray).

Larry told his victims that if they didn’t clean up the property perfectly, his step-father would literally die.

The victims later told investigators that due to the influence Larry had on them, they didn’t feel like they had any ability to leave — or that anyone but Larry could help them. One victim said she felt trapped, overwhelmed and even lost 40 pounds.

Image of the work being down outside Larry Ray’s step-father’s house (Exhibits from U.S. vs. Lawrence “Larry” Ray).

Larry physically, psychologically, and sexually tortured his victims in North Carolina — and continued to when they group returned to New York.

LISTEN: ‘Devil in the Dorm’ on Wondery+

New episodes of ‘Devil in the Dorm’ are released every Monday. Next week, host and actress Elisabeth Rohm will tell listeners about how Larry Ray managed to launder millions of dollars from a sex trafficking victim.

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