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LOS ANGELES — Oscars producers are responsible for capturing the prestige of the ceremony and delivering a moving event, and Will Packer doesn’t take this opportunity lightly.

Packer said he wants his involvement with the Oscars to have an impact on young watchers, as he made history this year as part of the award show’s first all-Black producing team.

“There are young kids that will see that we’re the producers of the Oscars and say, ‘I can do that. ‘If they can do it, I can do it,” Packer said.

See his full interview with On The Red Carpet in the video player above.

Not unlike their power in film, imagery and visuals also have the power to bring about social change, he said.

“When we think about the summer of 2020, we think about George Floyd. We think about Ahmaud Arbery. We think about the fact that these were cases that were brought to the forefront because there were videos. There were visual images that people could align with the story that they were told — that’s the power of it,” he said. “Then you look at a situation like Breonna Taylor, where there was not a video. It shows you the discrepancy because people tend to believe and be affected and feel the power of something that is tangible.”

Packer said Oscar-watchers can expect a night full of entertainment on March 27, but he also has a special goal in mind.

“First of all, I want [audiences] to have an enjoyable time. If we do our jobs right, we will be able to elevate diverse voices, folks that maybe you don’t normally see on that platform, but do it in a way that’s entertaining. Do it in a way that feels inclusive, and do it in a way that brings folks together and does not separates them. That’s my goal,” he said. “That’s how I want people to leave the Oscars: feeling like we are a little bit closer as a human race and as a community of movie lovers.”

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