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RESIDENTS have complained their homes are being shaken by building works for an “eyesore factory”.

They said they keep windows shut, struggle to sleep and their work desks shake for hours because of the “nightmare” noise. 

Gran Linda Barwick said: "I'm utterly disgusted."


Gran Linda Barwick said: “I’m utterly disgusted.”Credit: Ben Lack
The £16million factory expansion is causing a racket for residents


The £16million factory expansion is causing a racket for residentsCredit: Ben Lack

The racket is coming from a £16million expansion of a nearby Ideal Heating factory complex in Hull

But the neighbourhood was not consulted about it during planning proposals because of a railway track separating it from the factory.

It means the cul-de-sac is seen as being in a different ward which does not need to be consulted.

Disabled grandmother Linda Barwick, 68, said: “I’m utterly disgusted. This is not a nice, quiet residential area any more – it is an industrial estate now.

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“I intend staying here for the duration of my life, and long may it go on, but it might be a noisy life from now on.

“The on-going construction work and noise is driving me scatty. There is just no let-up whatsoever. 

“All you can hear is bang, bang, bang, bang! It is a nightmare.

“We have new PVC windows and we can’t bear to open them because it is so loud outside. You can’t even hear yourself speak.”

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She said the noise is non-stop on weekdays from 8am to 6pm. 

Carer Marie Barron, who works night shifts, said she can barely sleep when she needs to during the day. 

She told The Sun: “I come home from work and try to nod off, but all I can hear is the bang, bang, bang of the pile drivers and machinery.

“It is just constant construction workers traffic as well. It making life a misery.

“The building its self is an absolute eyesore, it is huge.”

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Another resident, 49, who has lived on Bermondsey Drive for 18 years, said: “There has already been a long period of loud noise and the result is a huge building on a huge scale nobody was really expecting.

“I am more worried about the noise that might come from the building when it is operational. Is there going to be on-going noise for years to come?”

Source: thesun

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