Police accuse group of five McLaren supercar drivers of treating the road 'like a racetrack' as they stop the group who were 'going 100mph'
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Police accuse group of five McLaren supercar drivers of treating the road ‘like a racetrack’ as they stop the group who were ‘going 100mph’

Police have accused a group of five McLaren drivers of treating public roads ‘like a racetrack’ after they were stopping for travelling ‘in excess of 100mph.’

Wiltshire Police’s road policing unit revealed that its officers managed to stop the group of racers on the A303 after they were caught ‘driving in excess of 100 mph and close proximity to themselves and the public.’

The force chastised the unnamed drivers in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, telling them: ‘This isn’t a race track so take your ‘driving experience’ and sign the traffic offence report (push hard it’s 3 copies).’

It shared a photo of four of the McLarens, adding that a final supercar was behind the photographer. 

Wiltshire Police continued to rib the group of five supercar drivers.

The five McLaren drivers were accused of treating the A303 as their own personal 'race track'

The five McLaren drivers were accused of treating the A303 as their own personal ‘race track’

When asked how they managed to catch all five McLarens, the force responded: ‘Well they can only go a few miles before they have to pull over and take pictures of their cars….’ 

Wiltshire Police’s successful pursuit comes after new video of a high-speed chase by Dorset Police that ended with the hunted car pinballing off four parked vehicles was released.

The driver of the vehicle in Bournemouth lost control after taking a tight bend at speed and bounced off several cars, causing a huge amount of damage.

The silver hatchback then crashed through a wooden fence and stopped less than 3ft from the house, before the occupants fled on foot and were chased by police.

Dorset Police confirmed a vehicle had failed to stop for officers last night in the area of Shelley Road East and officers followed the car into North Road.

Police searched the area and a 41-year-old man from Bournemouth was arrested on suspicion of driving offences. No one was injured in the incident.

A local resident who caught the incident on his CCTV camera said: ‘I was in my kitchen and heard the screech and what sounded like a car crash.

‘I didn’t realise it was a police chase because the police car didn’t have its siren on until it stopped, just its lights.

‘I checked my CCTV and you can see the car is going too fast round the 90-degree corner and it bounces like a pinball down the road off four cars and then ended up through someone’s fence.

‘Luckily no one was hurt, the car stopped less than a metre from the front of their house.

‘I went out to check everyone was OK and there was no one in either the crashed car or the police car so I assume there was a foot chase. It did a lot of damage.’ 

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