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Is Prince Harry about to lay down the gauntlet? One report says he’s preparing for a no holds barred showdown with Prince Charles. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry Goes Too Far!’

Per Woman’s Day, Harry’s upcoming memoir is going to name names and cause drama. Apparently, Camilla Parker Bowles will especially be drawn through the mud. Sources say Bowles is officially in panic mode over what the memoir may say: “People seem to be accepting of the recent announcement that she will be their queen, but Harry unleashing 30 years of pent-up fury with a heavy bias towards his mother could break her,” a source says.

The rivalry between Bowles and Harry helps explain why Charles has reportedly gotten so frigid toward his son. He’s refused to give Harry an inch all because he wants to stick by his wife’s side, the source concludes, saying, “There will be considerable hell to pay from Charles” should Harry go for Bowles.

Is He Going Off Or Not?

This entire story is built on supposed insider knowledge of Harry’s memoir. This is impossible: Only Harry and maybe his literary agent would know what’s in the book at the moment, and neither would dare break an NDA to talk to Women’s Day of all places. Harry hasn’t acknowledged Bowles’ upcoming title, but he’s also got no social media. Since leaving the royal family, Harry’s not commenting on any royal news whatsoever.

You should discard this story as nothing but speculation. The article is riddled with words like “if” Harry talks and what he might say. The tabloid is pretending to have real information, but it doesn’t have a leg to stand on. We’ve already debunked this exact rumor about Harry and his step-mother numerous times, but there’s nothing to it.

Similar Royal Shockers

Woman’s Day runs another bogus Harry story just about every week. It once announced Harry was Harry was ordered back to the UK by Queen Elizabeth. This obviously did not happen. It also reported that Charles was ordering Harry to get divorced. Lots of orders, but nothing of the sort happened. It doesn’t look like Harry and Charles are even on speaking terms at the moment.

There’s no proof Elizabeth was outraged at Harry for naming his daughter Lilibet Diana. Royal drama sells magazines, but Gossip Cop can see through this facade. Harry and Charles may not be on great terms. Heck, he really might be writing a cruel tell-all directed at Bowles. This would be radically out of character for him, but there’d still be no way Women’s Day could possibly know about it.

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