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Prince Harry is working on his memoir. One report says it will be salacious. Is Harry really blaming Camilla Parker Bowles for the state of his mental health? Here’s what we know.

Bombshell Incoming

Per The Sun, Harry will blow the lid off his hatred of Bowles later this year. When the announcement was made that Bowles would become Queen Consort, Harry stayed mum. His silence did not go unnoticed, and it looks like he’s channeling his rage into his upcoming memoir.

A friend believes Harry is keeping his opinions for the memoir and will spill his family details in it. The memoir could even shake the monarchy to its core. Harry still blames Bowles for what happened to Princess Diana, and the source believes he “might publicly blame Camilla for much of what he believes went wrong in his childhood, and the trauma the whole situation caused.”

Prince Charles would rather anything else happen. With the platinum jubilee in full swing, the royal family can’t afford another scandal. A scorched Earth attack on Bowles would rock the family at the worst time.

No Proof Whatsoever

All this story has to back itself up is some friends and so-called sources. Harry is a notoriously private person. He’s got no social media and chooses his interviews rather deliberately. It’s hard to believe that anyone in Harry’s inner circle would ever blab to The Sun about this.

This story’s all about his memoir as well. At this point in time, only Harry, his editor, and maybe Meghan Markle or a ghostwriter would know what’s in that book. Half those folks have lawsuits against tabloids, and the other half would lose their jobs if they spoke up.

I think Harry himself would know mental health is a complicated beast. It’s true that Harry did not say anything about Bowles’ upcoming title, but he seldom comments about anything involving his family. Tabloids have framed Harry and Bowles as enemies numerous times, yet they appear to remain civil.

Every Chance

While it’s tempting to think Harry is going to fill his book with royal dirt, is that really his style? He had a chance to lay into Bowles when he did the Oprah Winfrey interview, but he didn’t. He could have balked at attending her wedding to Charles, but he didn’t do that either. Maybe Harry’s book will contain all this dirt, but it would be pretty out of character. Only time will tell.

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