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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle denying Queen Elizabeth the chance to meet Lilibet Diana? One report says the Sussexes have a list of demands which must be met before they’d allow Elizabeth to meet her great-granddaughter. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Queen’s Secret Plan To See Lilibet!’

According to Woman’s Day, Elizabeth is willing to compromise on some of Harry’s sticking points. The Duke of Sussex has made it clear that he needs security if he’s going to return to the UK with his family. A source says, “She’ll try to sort out temporary royal police protection for Harry if he comes home for her Jubilee celebrations in June—but only if he brings his two children.”

Elizabeth reportedly desperately wants to meet Lilibet Diana, and the Platinum Jubilee may be her last chance. Harry is expected to accept the exchange, but he’s not settling there. A source says, “Where the Jubilee is concerned, he wants a guarantee that both himself and his wife Meghan will be awarded Jubilee medals alongside the rest of the family.” 

Harry apparently also wants permanent security if he’s going to move back full-time, and he’d like a proper home base. A source concludes, “If Harry’s to come home more often he wants something way more secure. The queen certainly has a lot of thinking to do.”

She’s Got More Pressing Concerns

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth’s health is still the primary concern. She skipped Commonwealth Day this year amid reports of ailing health. The queen still vows to make her upcoming commitments, but this isn’t something she would do lightly. It’s safe to say she’s a little too preoccupied right now to negotiate terms and police escorts with her grandson.

It doesn’t look like Harry is going to return to the UK either. He accounted this week that he will not attend a Prince Philip memorial to be held a the end of March. He’s still in the throes of a legal battle with the British government over protection, arguing his private security team lacks intelligence and jurisdiction abroad. This doesn’t seem to be something Elizabeth could simply handwave away for she doesn’t have any real power.

Here’s hoping Harry can figure out proper security arrangements with the United Kingdom. It really doesn’t seem like Elizabeth will meet Lilibet Diana, and that would be a shame. That being said, there’s nothing accurate about his supposed demands. If Harry actually desired castles and titles, then he never would have left in the first place.

Other Silly Stories

About a year ago, Woman’s Day ran a cover story about Harry begging Prince William for forgiveness. He apparently wanted to leave his wife and come back home. It’s very telling that this story goes completely unmentioned now. As Gossip Cop suspected, it was false all along.

In 2020, it announced Harry was facing a divorce and Markle was hiding in Canada. They’re still very much an item. We also debunked its salacious rumor about Harry reuniting with an ex-girlfriend. He was a little busy welcoming his daughter into the world to fly out and see her. This tabloid clearly doesn’t have a clue.

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